Spring, please come soon!

Yes, all of January I pretty much kept indoors because I did not have any classes and I did not really dress up, thus no outfits and other good stuff...

Funny thing; I lost 3 readers after my cosplay entry! And then I got 4 more, so now I got 70 followers.
- and I will keep on cosplaying because at least I got a hobby besides pampering myself 8D

So, on with the fun.

Lately I have fallen in love with the Mori Gyaru (not Gal) style, like the one Yui Kanno is the poster child for. I really hope to get some Liz Lisa dresses in spring.

This is how Mori Gal I can get with the wardrobe I got at the moment.

That day I went to the local mall and went into a bakery to get some raisin buns. (OM NOM NOM)
And I found this on my way out:

 I want this sooooo bad for my 20th birthday! Just with chocolate cake underneath. I did not like the content choices that the bakery got for it. It was all kind of strange fruit stuff.

And speaking of 20!
The last Saturday I was invited to a high school friend's 20th birthday. It was a really nice evening and I got to talk with old classmates and dear Linse.

I flipped through Betty and found an office inspired look that I wanted to try out!

I ended  up wearing thigh high black socks because it got a little too cold in the end.

Atm I am also trying out a new kind of under eye make up that is less heavy. So far I like it a lot. It is a little lighter than the style I got above. I kinda failed it there and did not bother to remove it properly when I messed it up and just covered it. So lazy I am.

I am also considering to post on E_G again, but I read the secrets every week and I am just scared somebody will get their curlers in a mess because I do not wear circle lenses every day and style my hair that much D:

My life is so filled with important decisions, can't you tell? XD