Fly away.

I have yet to do a new layout but... I just cannot get a single good idea about how I want it.
It will come some day though!

Onto what I have been doing in my break here in January.
I went fabric shopping with Kami and I have now started to make Anarchy Panty - Angel version -
It is quite tricky because my dress form is about 2~3 cm too big for me so I have to fit the cosplay on me all the time. Toning up and loosing centimetres, not appreciated by dress form.

On with it. I will just post pictures with small comments.

Tutu of doom. 2 meters... fff

After some days. The top is a pure bitch to do. I did double stitches on the edges just for a more polished finish.

Side view. Originaly it was just the small band at the bottom, but I added the extra fabric so I can wear a bra underneath.
I also got a bra lock for the top. It looks really good 8D

Finally done the gold halter thingy. Took me a good couple of hours to figure that one out.
And the heart is made of fimo clay. I am not sure about the colour though? Is it too pink?
And I will get gloss for it too, when I am done with the sanding ^^

And front view of my progress so far. Next up will be more hearts for the skirt I think. Or starting to make the gold bangles and gold things for the shoes.

I hope to get wig, shoes and lace for the petticoat next month.



Christmas + New Years outfits and other nice stuff

 So I really did not have much time to blog between Christmas and New Years, and did not feel like taking a battle of the wills with blogger. But everything turned out fine and now you will get a proper updage with a hell of a lot of pictures XD

So lets get on with the fun stuff!

I wore my mother's favorite dress on me at Christmas Eve. It was fun to wear it again. And for my Make Up I used my Diamond Lash bottom lash set as both upper and lower, just because they are so long! The one I am wearing at the bottom is actually supposed to be right in the inner conor of my eye! D:

I got a lot of great gifts, some of them I will showcase here:

A cup from my mother and stepfather, with a matching bowl! I just love Moomin and I really hope to one day collect a whole set of the different styles. They are to me as AP prints are to others XD

And before I move on with what I got from my father I can mention I got:

  • True Blood Vol. 2
  • The latest Artemis Fowl book.
  • Money
  • Kingdom Hearts DS game (where I found out my DS is dead now D: )
  • Leather Gloves (I actually got them in the start of December, because I lost the ones I borrowed from mother. And she did not want me to go around a freeze until the 24th XD)
  • A cooking book with chocolate desserts and other things containg chocolate 8D
  • And some chokolate.
So I got two bags from Cecil MacBee from my father and stepmother! I know many people are a little sceptical of the quality of CB, but I really love the brand and the designs, and never had expirenced bad quality. Also it was one of the only places where I felt really special because I got a staff-chan following me the entire time even though the shop was so crowded! (When I was in Japan this summer) And she was just so sweet and smiling and generally I just feel so comftable in the shop. Good thing they got cute clothes too!

This is the blouse I got! A little short on my arms, but if I roll up the sleeves, nobody will notice it! Also it is a little long so it looks really good with the frilly skirt I like to use a lot (as you have seen in almost half of my cords I think XD)

I also got a whole winter set! A knit jacket, a knit sweater, lace/bloomer styled shorts and legwarmers. I really love this set, and I am so glad the staff-chan convinced my stepmother that the bloomer shorts would look cute with the sewater! I like the shorts got that romantic bohemien style that I am aming for the most, and I cannot wait to use it in a more summerly cord!

So yea, when I wore this new outfit, I also went to spend some days at my dads place. I really wanted to show you my room and bathroom!
Just for fun. I hope to one day show you the rest of the house! It is so fun to see how japanese my stepmother has maneged to make a really danish modern design style house look XD

My pretty little room. I really only sleep in here, thus why it is so small XD

My awesome bathroom! Or well it is just the one closest to my room, but they say it is mine when I am there 8D

Jump in time to New Years!
I went to Kami's place to get ready for the New Years party she, Sabine and Nadia hosted ^^

Kami offred to style my hair, it took over an hour though D: Your curling iron fails a little for being so slow! My newly brough 19 mm though worked like a charm 8D


 I am sorry for the faces in these shots, but I had to hurry because I wanted to help with dinner as much as I could \^__^;;/ I got to dry the potatoes...
The picture on the right is just so show off how big my hair got! It was crazy wild and I really loved it.

Yes, this is how I look after 12, just like a Grimling, I am not allowed to use a camera after 12 I think... ffff
But hey I had to post it, first self portrait of 2011 XD

The observant reader will also notice something happened to my bangs. Le gasp I got them cut by Kami before we styled my hair. I really like the side swept look, but it really was such an annoyance to curl it almost every day. I might just let it grow longer again but right now I am trying with a more choppy style, just to add a little edge.

Me on fabric buying day. Just casual.
 So what do you guys think of my new bang style?
And I really hope you had a great start on the new year!