Cosplay project: Miku Hatsune!

Okay! I need some help/advice!
I've fallen in the Vocaloid trap! LeGASP
So I really want to do a Miku cosplay, because I just love her designs!
I've found a few of my favourite costumes of her, and I really just want you guys to drop a comment/IM me about which one you best could picture me in xD;;
1. I really like the uniform style of this outfit 8D

2. D'aww LI like the cuteness factor in this outfit 8D
3. I'm torn between this one and another pink model, but I just dropped one of them here, so this actually also goes for a pink more Wa-lolish verison XD
http://i676.photobucket.com/albums/vv124/InfiniteNine/1246304018977.jpg In the lover left corner is the other kimonoish outfit I've considered <3

4. I like this simple and classic dress <3

So yeah, sowing skills is not really a big problem, I'm a fairly good sower and I'm up for new challenges 8D

Take care <3


Confirmation 8D

So today I was at my cousin Kathrines confirmation 8D
The church thing was long... Like 1½ hour long! It was too much! The children in church got very restless and the speech in the church was too long and boring.
But after church, we went to this school where her mother works and had the dinner thingy.
We got a lot of good stuff!
But there was this one O L D women, who got a little tipsy. Then she started to verbally assault two poor young boys/men (21 and 15) and telling them how ALL THE YOUTH ONLY SAW TO THE TIP OF THEIR NOSE and shit like that. I got so angry I started to say she was wrong, and that some of us do care and it is wrong to generalise like that. But she would not admit she was wrong and started to get all generalising on everything else. I got really sick of her but luckily she left quickly after the verbal abuse XD
Exts: Maikan.dk
Dress: H&M
Necklace: Teddy Bear co or something like that
Bracelet: (not visible) Tiffany & Co.
Boots: Camden XD

Make close up <3>Me and my cousin Mette (left) and my step sister Mette (right)
Me and my youngest cousin Ida 8D She is like... 4-5 years old XD
Very cute little girl 8D

But Kathrine had a good day so that's all that matters <3
And I'm in a big retard smile phase right now... sorry xD


Random gyaru outfit dump + some more EGO

Yeah to keep my self into this blog, I'll try to post everyday! I have already found some subjects that I can write about like "Who is your favorite gyaru model and why?", A how to make tsukune (maybe I'll do this one if they turn out good XD It's a kind of Japanese chicken meatball thing), blogging about my two major fashion loves: Gyaru and Lolita, and a cosplay update XD

But today I decided to randomly dump some of my gyaru inspi outfits ^w^

Summer 09 I think? XD First 'real' outfit shot I did for J-fashion.dk, the one pic that didn't make it XD
Cardigan: One Spo
Top: H&M
Skirt: Snob'
Shoes: From a store in Camden
Jewellery: home made.
Fall 09: Rundown:
Shirt: New Yorker
Cardigan: Cecil McBee
Shorts: Viela I think... I can't remember XD
Shoes: Disel
Heart: Claries
Winter 09, outfit for a cinema trip with my family <3
Top: H&M
Everything else + leg warmers and hat: One Spo
Spring 10: Outfit for watching Brotherhood the first time (where the film fucked in the middle so I'm going again friday)
Jacket: Mossy (Didn't know that brand until my father sent me that jacket for Christmas XD)
Top + Skirt + Cardigan: Cecil McBee
Shoes: Defender
Necklace: Claries
Today's outfit!
It was warm enough to pose outside 8D
Sorry for the socks, but I couldn't find any plain black ones D:
Hat: Cecil McBee
Wig: Lapin D'Or
Shirt: New Yorker
Skirt: One Spa
Shoes: Shop in Camden
Necklace: Claries (once again XD)

So yea, today's post <3
Take care 8D



Okay, finally I made this and got posting time!
You want to learn how to make Oyakodonbori? Well enjoy my little guide!

(Due to a photobucket fuck up the pictures might look a little odd and chopped off D: I do not know how to fix it, but clicking on them should take you to the full view if needed!)

What you will need: (1 person!)
Rice (I use around 1~1.5 cups of rice)
Pot for sauce
Something to turn the chicken with and stir the eggs
A tablespoon
Three eggs (I like a lot of eggs, less can be used if desired!)
Boneless chicken (around 200 grams, more or less according to taste and I prefer working with chicken breast, but anything goes as long as it is boneless)
One leek
Some dashi (fish thingy, can be left out. It is the little red thing in the pan on the picture)
2~3 tablespoons of soy (again a matter of taste, I like my soya!)
1~1.5 tablespoons of Mirin or port wine. (I do not have any mirin so I use port wine! This can also be left out, but I would not recommend it, the taste gets a little plain without it!)
1 tablespoon of sugar.

Now to the sauce!: (the order does not really matter here, you can start with the soya or the port wine if you like!)

On medium to high heat. Put one tablespoon of sugar into the pot.

The amount of dashi I use, you should use around 1~2 grams but I just improvise at this point XD It feels like 2 grams for me ;D

After adding dashi, it looks like a heart!

Add the port wine/mirin!

And the soy! 8D

Okay! Now you just let this simmer until the sugar has dissolved! While the sauce is cooking, I start to prepare the other stuff!

Cut the leek! I use around 3/4 of the leek but again, it is all about personal taste! Use more or less if you want to.

The cut the chicken into bite sized pieces!

Now you put the pan on medium heat! Add the sauce to the pan.
Here I usually wait just some minutes so the pan is warm, that makes the cooking go just a little faster!

Add the chicken and leek. I put the chicken at the bottom so the leeak will not get as much heat as the chicken, and thus still be a little firm.

Turn the chicken after some minutes. Be sure that you have cooked the chicken to the 'done' stage! I sometimes cut through the biggest pieces of chicken to check if it is raw inside, if it is not then you are ready for the next step!

Add the eggs! At this point I stir the eggs around a little just as I put it into the pan, then wait a little, and then stir again. Then you wait until the eggs got the texture you want!

While the eggs cook, put some rice in a bawl and add the eggs and chicken to the rice when it is done cooking!

And done!
You can season it with some dried seaweed if you like ^^

This is a dish that can be used for lunch or a light dinner 8D
It tastes good both warm and cold, and it is a very popular dish among children!
In this meal you would consume under 800 calories (according to my cooking book)

I hope it was helpful, and just ask if you are in doubt!