Suki, Daisuki!

My favourite song right now.

One day I hope I can say daisuki to someone <3

Going to Tama Doubutsu Koen today with Hayes, Helle and Fie.



So yeah, I am in Japan right now.
I love being here ^____^
We spend too much money on Pikura...

And yeah... Just some pics, more can be found on my FaceBook account.

Angelic Pretty dress and Jesus Diamante shoes.
Hime desu~~
You can just see 109-2 where the Mens section is located. I met this really cute Japanese guy.
And I gave him my mail and blog adress. Wonder if he will write me?

Girl in Harajuku.
Disney Land.
Lots of couples on dates. Made me miss a boyfriend (T____T)
I really liked this Donald and Daisy! Green love!
Me and my friend Kristina in Disney Land. She is Bambi and I am Marie.

Tomorrow we will go to Ueno and see a garden and some temples. At night we will go to Tokyo Tower and then Shibuya for clubbing.

Today we went to Shibuya again, to see the cute guy in 109-2 and get some other small things. Me and Hayes went to see the cute guy (yes I am obsessed.) and I ended up going back to him with my mail and blog adress.
BUT! Just now I remembered to write ".blogspot" (T___T)
I am just so useless sometimes.
But then again, as he said, a Dane and a Japanese person would be a strange couple. AND TOO LONG DISTANCE. I hate my life sometimes because he is just perfect.
I hate distance

Tomodachi, aishiteru.

Please bear with my crush on a guy I will never get (T___T)



hehe funny story

No cosplay update like I planned;
Forgot my SD card at home, had to buy a new one thus: no cosplay pics on the SD card I got with me D:

So maybe I'll nick the one I uploaded on Facebook, even though you can not see my lovely bootcovers T___T

Oh well everything is good in Italy 8D
Take care <3


Oh yea I did have a blog right? !PIC HVY!

Okay so I finally got around to update this blog XD
*bad bad*

So, I became a student this year! (21st of June!)
With a final result of 9.4 <3
I'm really proud so let's have some pictures!

Me and my mother + grandparents on my mothers side ^^
Me and my mother. A picture were we both look intelligent XD

After I got my hat, we went to a café and ate a burger. Then we went out to buy me some running shorts and socks.

Friday last week (25th) we had the official good bye ceremony ^^
Tradition said to wear white or red, so I asked my grandmother on my fathers side if I could borrow her kimono! So she found like... 10 of her own I could choose from ^^
And some day she said they will all be mine, I got so honoured I almost cried x'3

Wednesday before the ceremony, first try on ^^

On the day!
Back shot of the beautiful obi tied by my grandmother.
Front shot! I hate what I'm doing with my face right here, but you can see my hair here XD I did a big Ageha inspi hair do, with the white flowers in my hair ^^
I just love big curly hair!

My nails for the ceremony!

After all the official stuff we drowe around to everybody from my class, minus the girl who lives in Copenhagen because it would tale 3 hours to get there.
There were tears, jalapeños and vomit on that trip. Guess who both cleaned up the truck after the 'accident' committed by my 'angry drunk' friend and ate her first jalapeño? Both things I could be without.
I ended up asking Martin's parents for a glass of milk XD; Spicy hot stuff; not my ally.

My 'angry drunk' friend went home about 15:30 and came back at 20:40 or something like that. She then only drank soda, thank god! We drove to Nivå, the second last stop. The wole trip to Nivå I sat together with Amanda under a blanket because it was really cold.
I convinced Simone (the angry drunk) to go home from Nivå instead of Farum (a place really far from were we live) and I tried to get Amanda to join us, because I saw the party turning into a hook up feast and getting high party D:
At first Amanda wanted to go on; fine I got a ride from Simone so I was flying XD
Then moments after the bus drowe off she came back into the garden, really frustrated and sat down at the fire with me and Simone.
Apparently she had gotten herself a sweet spot on the bus with a nice big blanket. Then my class sat down around her saying they would get high right here. Then she got her stuff and got our driver Peter to let her off again XD
So the three of us got home around 00:30 XD
Long day was long.

My life now:
Almost done with Miku! Pictures will be up in next week. I am around 60% done with Zidane. So I think I will be done with both of my cosplays in time ^^

Random picture, messy room is clean now but not in this picture. My favourite summer cord; you'll see this cord around a lot of times during the summer XD (And a little view of the new hair style I am doing, read more below)
And I am trying something new with my hair, inspired by Yui Kanno.
I am curling my bangs to the side and curling my ends inwards ^^
This is a picture from one of my first attempts, I am much better now IMO XD
What do you guys think? Should I stay with this style or get straight bangs again?

Tomorrow I am going to Jutland to see my dad, will be staying there till Monday where I will go to my grandparents to attend my oldest cousin Augusta's confirmation Tuesday ^^

Take care!