Update; cosplay and outfit. + everyday life

So today I had an exam in my media class.
I got an A! I am really proud. I was very very nervous but I did great. My teacher and censor said that if they could have given me an higher grade they would!

So that put me on cloud nine!

Oh remember? Once I promised some cosplay update? XD
Got my ass in gear and here it is!

The fabric I orderd for Zidane, minus the pants fabric. It came the day after, but I almost looks like the grey all the way to the right, maybe a little more 'blue' but not much.
I am going to use a grey for the gloves and the bootcovers. I could not find a good colour for that stuff, so I am just going to go with a grey. I need to find some grey gloves for the cosplay, the fabric is too stiff to sow gloves in D:
The fabric is a little more rough than I thought, but I think it kinda fits the whole FFIX universe with the clothes for a worrior being a little rough made ^^

Here is the finished result of my Miku headset, or almost. I need to do the little mic thingy, but then I am done. I made it out of an old hair band and some fun foam xD
I also did the hair cpils, I am stil struggeling with getting them to fit though. But it will come. (And then I found out the little fuckers changed the headpset design in Project Diva to something really complicated. Oh well XD)
Front view, the wig looks a little retarded here, but oh well I think it is the angle XD

Now to something not cosplay related!
Summer is the time for my favorite drink; Rebena with blackbarries! nom nom nom!

Then around a week ago I dressed up in gal! I had to go with my Japanese study group and after that serving a party for my mother and stepfather. Both things really fun and I got compliments for my outfit!

Full body! I still need to tone my theights a little for Zidane though XD

Make up ^^

And then this weekend, I went to KataPuls and saw the Lillith. They were really good!
I also met up with Kami and got my blue lenses!
From some distance, and I just generally like this shot XD

Up close ^^
They enlarge my eyes much more than my green ones, eventhough they are smaller! The blue is not like BLUEEEE but more of a natural dark greyish blue. I am going to use them for Zidane too, I think they got just the right shade for him, because he does not have Tidus blue eyes, more of a cloudy dark blue I think XD

Oh well... Better get back to my notes and then to sleep XD



The randomz

Oh well today I orderd some new fabric for the Zidane cosplay I'm doing. The old stuff shrunk D:
So I orderd on the net this time because I just can't find time to go ti CPH for cosplay shopping atm..
I'm really really considering going to hear the Lillith play this Saturday... I think I might need some 'clean' air and seeing my friends too.
Anybody else going?
(Yeah and I really want to dress up and actually go out of the house and not worring 24/7 about exams)

derp derp... more updates to come when I feel like it XD

(and oh mi gosh, can't wait to shop for make up in Japan <3)



Yeah I'm a bad person for not updateing this when I said I would but.... well too bad XD

Exams so far:
AT: 12
Japanese: 7

Dammit I'm so happy about my Japanese grade... I just failed and was about to cry the whole time but I still got 7 <3
I had to do a translation but I did not write the right time down so... I got in there with NOTHING prepared at all xD And then it turns out ome of my class mates got KNOWN texts where we was supposed to read texts we did not know - AND one of the books we all brought, well there was a compleate English translation of all the texts! goddammit.... but I still got 7 XD

I still feel a little stange about it, this time is the only time I got 7 and in a subjet that is one of my best... oh well xD
I have to get at least 10 in my two next exames because I got 12 in both of them in my year grades... PRESSURE OH YES