Yeah I'm a bad person for not updateing this when I said I would but.... well too bad XD

Exams so far:
AT: 12
Japanese: 7

Dammit I'm so happy about my Japanese grade... I just failed and was about to cry the whole time but I still got 7 <3
I had to do a translation but I did not write the right time down so... I got in there with NOTHING prepared at all xD And then it turns out ome of my class mates got KNOWN texts where we was supposed to read texts we did not know - AND one of the books we all brought, well there was a compleate English translation of all the texts! goddammit.... but I still got 7 XD

I still feel a little stange about it, this time is the only time I got 7 and in a subjet that is one of my best... oh well xD
I have to get at least 10 in my two next exames because I got 12 in both of them in my year grades... PRESSURE OH YES

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