[Review] Geo Bella Brown (on light eyes)

My review of the Geo Bella Brown on light eyes!

Ordered from PinkyParadise!
*This is NOT a sponsored review, and all opinions stated are my own.*

Comfort: 10/10
No problems with tunnel vision, and they do not really dry out my eyes either. A slight discomfort just as you put them in, but that is to be expected from all contacts you put in your eyes.

Design: 10/10
They blend SO incredibly well with my natural green eyes, and they also look so natural when worn. Normally I get a lot of comments when I wear lenses, but wearing these, only another person who uses circle lenses asked if I was wearing any!

Enlargement: 10/10
For being a 14.2/14.2 mm lens, they enlarge quite a lot I would say! I get almost the same effect from these as I get from my larger Vassen Jewel Blue lenses, so that is quite impressive!

Over all: 10/10
These lenses are everything I could want from my circle lenses, and I am still in awe of how well they blend with my natural eye!

As always I had no problems with ordering and receiving my items. I got them around a week after they were shipped  out, and this is in spite of the Lunar Holiday rush! So I am as always really pleased with the service I got at PinkyParadise!

!!Remember to take good care of your eyes, you only get one pair and they have to last all life. Practice good lens hygiene and consult an eye specialist if you experience any discomfort!!

- and now for some selca spam so you can see more of the babies in action!

And a little outfit shot to end the madness!
Hope this was useful for you!


Are you all right?

So much happned since last I blogged, and I felt like I needed to take a break to take it all in. 

Two weeks before I had to leave for Denmark, Rosa, Cheris, Marie and I went to Harajuku to do some shopping! The two girls needed new shoes and dresses for clubbing the day after! Rosa found some shoes... Dresses? not so much haha.

And I managed to film a tutorial with my Harajuku day out make up!

More selca haha.

Of cause we had to have a crepé in Harajuku! They are just so amazing!! nom nom nom //getting hungry all over now haha

The day after we went to a goodbye dinner for John at a themed Izakaya in Kokubunji and then out clubbing at Jokers in Roppongi!

I wanted to try something more colourful with my make up, think it turned out ok. But I am still not that good with colours :X

And got to wear my new tight black dress, I love it so much!

 Akasaka station, from when I went to eat Kobe beef with my friend Junko. It reminded me of Gantz... oh yea!

The same day I got out to get some gifts for my family. Of cause I got things for my little sister in a Sanrio Gift Gate!

My final haul from Donki! Oh yea!

And then came the leaving day :C


My last round of gyoza :C they were SO GOOD!

Plane dinner.

And light snack.

 Arriving home, finishing my Japan adventure!
I just made a vlog with some more in depth stuff about the travel and all, so check it out here!

Getting home means I finally got to a country where I could dye my hair a proper RED! So I hurried out and got myself some dye, and Kami helped my dye it all!

Before the dye job.

Me being a charmer during.

 And after result from last Friday! It is such a nice deep red, I love it so much! Def. getting this again if it is still on sale... haha cheep ass desu
- also wearing the long t-shirt I got in my Ghost of Harlem Lucky Bag {2013}. Hopefully I will do a detailed shoot down of the items I got in it, just to show off all the pretty!

 And ending with a shot of my valentines nails. What can I say, even romantic stuff needs an edge in my world!

Take care~~!