Diamond Lash Fairy Eye review!

This time for real! I do not know weather or not you got a notice about this entry before, but blogger kinda pulled a fast one on me :C

The not so long awaited review!
So let's just get on with it.

First impressions:
They looked VERY square and thick to me (not at all like the promo pic), and out of the two pairs I got from my father, I was the least excited about these... But I decided to give them a chance, remembering how much I loved my previous Diamond Lash Gorgeous Eye pair, and boy I am glad I did!

You can click on the image to see a bigger version (and my beautiful under eye wrinkles)

As I said earlier, they looked extremely square in the box and that got me a little worried, because it looked like they would only look like two black lines on the top of your eye. Oh and behold! They give both volume and length, and also gives you a heavy outer eye corner (which I like, I am a cat eye type of girl). The only negative thing about them is that I personally prefer a less 'thick' lash, but that might have something to do with never having owned such a style XD;

As expected of clear band lashes they where easy to apply and they are very light when you have them on. I would warmly recommend the clear band lashes from Diamond Lash to people who are not used to wearing fake lashes. Out of all the lashes I have worn through my time, Diamond Lash has always been quite easy to apply.

Over all:
I was really pleasantly surprised by these lashes! The style (on my eye at least) looks really good and they are light and easy to wear. Maybe a little too thick, but I guess that is a matter of taste and habit.
I am sure I will end up using these a lot!

The next review will be up next week, and will be about the Eyemazing no 2 lashes!


Hysteric dinner.

Trying my best to keep this blog active!
Last Monday I went to my grandparents place to eat with my father and stepmother! And get my Christmas present.

They made this Nabe dish! They put crab, shellfish, leek, cabbage, chicken meatballs and mushrooms in it, and they got me some extra raw tuna as a side dish~ It was SO GOOD, my father should come by and cook more often plz.

And then on to the present!

 I got really happy seeing the bag was from Hysteric Glamour! I have lately taken a huge liking to this brand thanks to my stepmother.

I was really surprised with the contents of the bag. They got me lashes and glue!! I am so happy because I REALLY needed some more glue and also some new lashes. I will be putting up a review of the lashes I think... At least of the Diamond Lash ones pretty soon. 
They brought me this awesome sweatshirt dress thingy! I was stunned when I saw it, it was just what I have been wanting! Something not too warm nor cold with an edge to it.

So next day I wore it ofc. I really like the back detail too. And I am wearing the Eyemazing lashes, even though they are quite hard to use IMO :C

And today, I spend most of the time baking, pics of that to come soon~!

Enjoy these last days of the winter month!


Be Prepared!

So last week was pretty uneventful in regards of what I did on a everyday basis. I get up and go to uni, then go home again. And then do housework.

And Just normal everyday "geez y so could" outfit picture. And I really like how I got my hair to look that day 8D I should do that style more often, it is less hard on my hair too.

It has been pretty hard keeping up with everything, and Friday I got some bad news about my grandfather. It hit me really hard, but luckily I was going to my girlfriend's place that day anyways, so I could ease my heart a little. Have I mentioned how dear she is to me?
(Yes the moment of fluff is over now,  on wards!)

The reason I went to her place (besides the obvious) was because her and one of her roomies Zuum was hosting a costume party. Like nothing big and fancy, just a little casual fun with drinks all around.
I was in a pinch about costumes until Kami said something about a Disney theme she and Zuum had been considering, and as the codependent human being I tend to be (read: not really, just horribad at getting costume ideas for parties) I quickly decided against a princess seeing as I would need a wig and a huge wardrobe for all of them, and instead went with a concept of a human female version of Scar - with strong suit influence.

Like IDK, I like my hair like this... and all of the earrings... and my bling belt. I wish I had more to bling it up so I could have been a agejyo version but oh well, this worked too (and please notice the Batman socks).

And besides drinking and eating icecream, my beautiful girl gave me my long awaited Christmas present! (part 1, or maybe not, only time will tell)

This necklace ties back to the acorn I gave her for her birthday, we are having a little of a Peter Pan theme going on 8D
But anyways, I really like it. It suits that romantic style I really like and, well, it is just very special because it is the first piece of jewellery I got from her while we have been dating. One more little treasure~

This was just a quick one to sum up last week, I will try to snap more every day pictures of what I actually DO but it will be from my iPhone so do not expect 100 mega px okay? And post once a week, le gasp.

Next up will be pictures from the dinner with my father! And the gifts I got from him~


Back to the books!


This week classes at Uni started again. I have had ALL of January off, so it actually felt really good coming back to the class, and seeing everybody again. You kinda miss people when you have not seen them for over a month.

This is what I wore for the first day back in school. Just casual not too dressy, but I just love this knit top I got in Berlin in the fall. Finally I was able to wear clear lenses for a whole day too! Lately my eyes have been really sensitive so I have only worn glasses for all of January (with an exception of one time where I had to go on a cosplay shoot and my eyes were killing me after 3 hours :C)
Hopefully I will be able to wear circle lenses soon again, for parties and other special events 8D

I between classes and Zumba (I am working hard to get in shape, you cannot really tell atm because I have to wrap myself in 4 layers of clothes to keep warm) I am taking care of the house and my mother.
Around three weeks ago she fell and broke her foot, leaving all of the house work + dog care to me, because my stepfather had to go to Quatar. It is not really the most easy thing to phase into your everyday life, but then again, it is just something that I have to do, nobody else can really do it, and I really do not mind it. I like cleaning and keeping the house.
But my stepfather felt so bad for leaving the household work of three people + 24/7 care for my mother and the dog all to me by myself for at least two weeks, so he and my mother decided to get me something.

 SO HE GOT ME AN IPAD! I am so excited about it that I even decorated the picture of the box, woo
He gave it to me in the middle of my breakfast and I almost cried, it was so sweet of him and I really cannot wait to use it for notes and stuff! (I just have to get a cute cover for it, fufufu)

 And another outfit from the past week. I found my loose socks and decided to use them, because they can keep my legs warm... Rest of the outfit so so boring, but hey, it was on the same day I met my new Japanese teacher, so I had to look just a little serious (even though 99% of the other students in the humanities department in the fancy part of campus (eg where the minor subjects do not go that often) almost glared their eyes out at me :C)

From Wednesday, you have to look proper to see your beautiful girlfriend right?

And this is pretty much it. I study, see my girlfriend and take care of the home, and having a damn good time doing so. I just wish for less snow because I hate shoving it around :C
I hope you guys live a little more interesting lives! 8D (so update your blogs so I can read about it plz)