Be Prepared!

So last week was pretty uneventful in regards of what I did on a everyday basis. I get up and go to uni, then go home again. And then do housework.

And Just normal everyday "geez y so could" outfit picture. And I really like how I got my hair to look that day 8D I should do that style more often, it is less hard on my hair too.

It has been pretty hard keeping up with everything, and Friday I got some bad news about my grandfather. It hit me really hard, but luckily I was going to my girlfriend's place that day anyways, so I could ease my heart a little. Have I mentioned how dear she is to me?
(Yes the moment of fluff is over now,  on wards!)

The reason I went to her place (besides the obvious) was because her and one of her roomies Zuum was hosting a costume party. Like nothing big and fancy, just a little casual fun with drinks all around.
I was in a pinch about costumes until Kami said something about a Disney theme she and Zuum had been considering, and as the codependent human being I tend to be (read: not really, just horribad at getting costume ideas for parties) I quickly decided against a princess seeing as I would need a wig and a huge wardrobe for all of them, and instead went with a concept of a human female version of Scar - with strong suit influence.

Like IDK, I like my hair like this... and all of the earrings... and my bling belt. I wish I had more to bling it up so I could have been a agejyo version but oh well, this worked too (and please notice the Batman socks).

And besides drinking and eating icecream, my beautiful girl gave me my long awaited Christmas present! (part 1, or maybe not, only time will tell)

This necklace ties back to the acorn I gave her for her birthday, we are having a little of a Peter Pan theme going on 8D
But anyways, I really like it. It suits that romantic style I really like and, well, it is just very special because it is the first piece of jewellery I got from her while we have been dating. One more little treasure~

This was just a quick one to sum up last week, I will try to snap more every day pictures of what I actually DO but it will be from my iPhone so do not expect 100 mega px okay? And post once a week, le gasp.

Next up will be pictures from the dinner with my father! And the gifts I got from him~

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your version of Scar is awesome! :) What agreat idea.

  2. I love how you did your hair in the first outfit picture! Looks super cute on you c:

    And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Scar outfit&makeup you did. Ohsohardcore *-*

  3. I love that concept of female Scar >: D