Before and After

So it has been a while since I updated.
I tired to make a new header today too, and just fiddle a little around with the design. More will come when I am not so tired XD

So I will just upload some pictures.

A while ago I wanted to do a "before and after" thing, and finally I got around to make one of before and after I do my make up! 8D

 And sorry for my bad skin here, it kinda went nuts these past couple of weeks. Think it is the spring.
It is strange to see the difference like this.. XD

 AAAAAND outfit from the same day. I have taken a liking to the brand DIA, and wanted something inspired from a Yumachi street snap I saw once ^^

And this is more recent, only a week ago or something like that. Inspiration from Yumachi in regards of the hair. Even though I think she is waaaay to skinny, I like her style and hair ^^;

So just a little something something from me. I am such a bad blogger, but not that much happens in my life.

Next post will have something (A LOT) about Batman though 8DD

And sorry for the photo edit shadow frames, blogger did not understand my idea so I will have to rethink that ^^; It looked so much better when I did it in PS, ffffffffffff


Circle lenses review!

As some of you know, I have reccived three pairs of lenses and I want to give you guys a little review of them!

Me trying to open the small bottles, picture by Kami <3
 First off: I ordered all these lenses from Pinky Paradise!
I am NOT sponsored, so this is my own personal opinion, and I am not trying to sell anything here.
And sorry for the retarded faces, I wanted to smile but had to close my mouth because otherwise my eyes would get more closed.

E.O.S Candy Pink

Natural light.


One in.
Comfort: 5/5
I wore them for around 7 hours I think, without them really irritating me. The only thing I had trouble with was putting them in because they are so BIG!

Colour and Enlargement: 5/5
That is if you do not want these lenses to dramatically CHANGE your eye colour. It makes a nice overall pink shade and it blends in really well with your eye colour, so the lenses do not look unnatural, even though they are pink!
And the enlargement is very good in my opinion, and more flattering than some of the other models I have.

Style: 5/5
I am just in love with the Candy lenses and their style, so... I guess I am a little partial here ^^;

E.O.S Candy Blue

Natural light.

 and no one in, refer to the Candy Pink one for size comparison.

Comfort: 5/5
Tough I did not wear them nearly as long as the pink ones, they felt pretty much the same. (Wonder why?)

Colour and Enlargement: 5/5
Again, I love the discreet but still noticeable blue colour and the enlargement is also really flattering! It is not like they give off a vibrantly blue colour, they more change the overall perception of the eye colour in a natural manner in my opinion.

Style: 5/5
Candy series! (So braised here)

Natural light.

Flash. (And I look so derp here, sorry)

One in.
Comfort: 4/5
They are smaller than the Candy lenses, and the only reason why I knock one off these is that the hole for the pupil is very small, so sometimes you get tunnel vision. (First time I ever tried this with lenses btw!)

Colour and Enlargement: 4/5
They are not brown in any world, but then again I brought them for the reason of them being so yellow! The colour looks very unnatural so I think I will only use them for cosplaying purposes. The enlargement is satisfactory compared with the diameter of the lenses. (14.2 mm)

Style: 5/5
The style is okay for this type of lenses, not my favourite, but they look good in the eye, thus why they get a top score. (This sounds so wrong, but I do not know how to phrase this differently)

Service from PP:
Good as always! My tracking number did not work though, but they arrived around a week after I ordered them, safely packed and cases for all of them in matching colours.

I cannot wait to use my lenses more!
And if some of you are interested in why I ordered the lenses:
Pink: I wanted a pink pair.
Blue: Anarchy Panty cosplay.
Yellow: Rin Kagamine cosplay

~Mie Rose