REVIEW: Palty Raspberry Macaroon Hair Colour

Back with another review for you guys, this time of another red hair dye!
- probably going to be one of the last Japanese hair dye reviews though, because the bleach in them makes my hair lighter and lighter every time, and I really do not want to end up with really light hair :/

oh well, on with it!

Tsubasa looking flawless as ever! I wanted to try a non foam dye this time, just to see if the colour lasted longer!

Colour chart. I really do not get the names they come up with for the hair dyes though lol.

Contents! The gloves are the 'classic' hair dye gloves, so they are not as nice as the one you got with the Beautylaboo :C But the after treatment is really nice though!
If you have longish hair and really much of it like me, you should get two packets! - also remember to straighten your hair before hand. Why, oh I shall show you.

You see that nozzle? It kinda works like a comb, but a really bad one, so it will be really hard to apply it in curly hair. So take my advise, straighten your hair before using this colour!

 And the results! I left it in for around 40 minutes because I lost track of time. It is more red than before when it faded, and the colour last a little longer before it starts to fade. Though it looks really red here, in real life it is a lot more brown :/
- and sorry for no face pictures. My life have been really busy so I pretty much just get back from uni and die in my bed :C
-- also sorry for how blurry the after is, but you still get a sense of the colour difference.

COMPARED to the Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour:
Applying it is MUCH harder than with the Whip Colour, and you need more time to make sure it is even. I spend around 60 minutes colouring and making sure it was all even with the Palty dye vs the 45 minutes I used with Beautylabo. But the Palty colour takes longer to fade though!
Although it is not as red as I could have wished for, I am still quite happy with the result.


School festival!

Around the 1-4th of November we had a culture festival at Chuo University, as many other schools have too. This is to raise money for the different circles around the campus so they can finance their future activities, and also trying to recruit new members, and over all of cause to have fun. 
Some way of making money includes small booths with food and drinks, or some circles made some different events like a Ghost House.

The tap dancing group made an impressive stage show, I am SO glad I got to see it! (and the girl with the black hat was not harsh on the eyes I tell you)

Look of the second day of school festival. I got myself a lot of new lashes, I was so excited to use them!
- and how big a difference a smile make to my face lol

After festival dinner at Sukiya! It was SOOO good!! nomz


Happy Akiba!

The day before Halloween Cheris, Zach, the Matts, Alex and myself decided to go to Akihabara and go to a maid cafe! Just to try it you know...

It was... quite different... It is not something I would do every single day that is for sure. But I am glad I went there and it was really funny with the company I went with. And the 'Kuma-tan' chocolate parfait I got was SOOOO good. Even though it was a little pricey, oh well, I got a special moe spell cast on it lol.

MacD had a "every size for 150 Yen". Oh dear lord. (And no, they are not ALL mine. Only one of them. And I ate half of Matt's too. But still, I only paid for one)

Halloween time! A while ago I got a "Love Ward" Rin Kagamine cosplay from Bodyline and I wanted to wear it for Halloween so badly! And my hair was just poo that day, IDK why.

Me and le lovely maido Cheris!

The other maid, even more sexual, Zach. We WERE supposed to go to another dorm which hosted a party, but in the end we gave up. There had sadly been a double person accident and it took a long time to get everything back on track, so we just went back to Tamadaira and had a little party there.

Tomo-sempai gave us some sushi pizza from his hometown, it was SOOOO good! Nomz~

Next up will be pictures form the school festival! And then I am pretty much up to speed with everything.

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Pre-Halloween week.

Long time no see! I have been so busy with actually being social I had no time to upload, but I promise there will be more soon! (Actually just finished editing pictures from our trip to Akihabara!)
This will mostly be just a showoff of some pictures, because I forgot the most of what I did the corresponding days, but in that week, not that much happened anyways XD;

Casual everyday look. But I decided to take this picture because this day SO many people asked if I had cut my hair... That was at least a month ago now lol.

I got these really cute bats for my window around Halloween. They were just so cute I could not resist! And they do brighten up my boring room quite a lot in the morning when I open my drapes.

Tried out an hairstyle I saw in Blenda, I quite like it~

And casual uni outfit, I just wanted to be Halloweenish now that it was so close.

This is a present I got from my Japanese teacher, she is so sweet! But the candy it self was not that good :C so hopefully the other exchange students have eaten most of it by now so I can use the container as decoration/storage in my room.

Even the cafeteria staff had dressed up around Halloweeen, so cute.

And more food. The first time I tried their Karaage (Japanese styled fried chicken). It was pretty good :D

Hanging in the International Center will lead you to meet these handsome guys, if you are really lucky!

And ending with a snap shot of my so exciting life... Making flash cards.