Pre-Halloween week.

Long time no see! I have been so busy with actually being social I had no time to upload, but I promise there will be more soon! (Actually just finished editing pictures from our trip to Akihabara!)
This will mostly be just a showoff of some pictures, because I forgot the most of what I did the corresponding days, but in that week, not that much happened anyways XD;

Casual everyday look. But I decided to take this picture because this day SO many people asked if I had cut my hair... That was at least a month ago now lol.

I got these really cute bats for my window around Halloween. They were just so cute I could not resist! And they do brighten up my boring room quite a lot in the morning when I open my drapes.

Tried out an hairstyle I saw in Blenda, I quite like it~

And casual uni outfit, I just wanted to be Halloweenish now that it was so close.

This is a present I got from my Japanese teacher, she is so sweet! But the candy it self was not that good :C so hopefully the other exchange students have eaten most of it by now so I can use the container as decoration/storage in my room.

Even the cafeteria staff had dressed up around Halloweeen, so cute.

And more food. The first time I tried their Karaage (Japanese styled fried chicken). It was pretty good :D

Hanging in the International Center will lead you to meet these handsome guys, if you are really lucky!

And ending with a snap shot of my so exciting life... Making flash cards.

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