My life + outfits 8D

Okay, so I wanted to do a little update now I got the time for it! Mostly pictures xD;

Next week I will be starting at Copenhagen University studying Japanese!
So I had to order some books. Amazon said they would arrive the day after my classes start, but they arrived three days ago!

My books 8D (2000 DKR.... Y__Y)

And yeah, did you notice the *RAIN??* Outside my room I got a lovely waterfall XD;
Pretty right? But I also got a little waterfall in my room too... Goddammit D:
But I like a lot of rain... I just wish it would be warm like in Japan though, it was cold to go outside in flipflops D:

Okay and a blog first happening:

Me au natural... Do not know what to say... I got brown hair and glasses? XD

Two days ago I wore this to go down to my grandparents ^^ Just really casual but I think it is pretty cute still ^^
Cardigan: Conomi
T-shirt: Tralala
Shorts: JSG
Usa mimi: JSG
Skull bracelet: Tarina Tarantino
(and then I wore my pink converse with lace on them but they are pretty old and worn XD;)

This is my fathers cat. My grandparents takes care of her. She is pretty old, I think she is around 16 or something. She used to be a cranky old lady and you could not even touch her, but now she actually wants to cuddle just a little sometimes and she even purr!
I think it is because she just is an 'old people cat', and not really the cat for my active dad and owner of a little hyper active miniature dachshund XD
Her name is Pika, and I must admit; she is pretty cute when she wants to cuddle and play around ^^

Outfit today! I felt like trying with a lot of rock inspiration ^^ And trying to do some of the straight hair styles from Ageha, not as big as they do them though xD;
T-shirts: Cecil MacBee
Shorts: JSG
Stockings: Donki
Boots: Random shop in Camden
Acc: H&M, random, Tarina Tarantino and Clarie's.

And I end this post with my dinner! Made too much xD
It is chicken meatballs (tsukune) in a sweet yakitori sauce, edamame beans, yakitori sauce for extra dip and rice ^^

And BTW, due to the retarded comment system will not allow me to reply to single comments I will just write a message here:
If you want larger versions of the pictures, clicking on them should make them larger ^w^


13 aug 2010

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last enrty <3

T-shirt: Cecil MacBee
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Belt: off brand
Necklace: H&M I think

I am really satisfied with my make up today 8D

And just a little shameless promovation because I am very bored:
Formspring Ask me anything <3


12 aug 2010 Outfit and some Genki.

Outfit timez: (and some random stuff + Genki review)

Outfit for hanging out in Shibuya!
The "get your boob poked outfit". Yes a drunk Japanese guy poked my boob and no he was not hot.
Shirts + shorts: JSG
Shoes: from Capri
Star: Claire's
Butterfly + nails: (not really visible) Tokyu Hands

Yesterdays outfit!
I am not happy about my hair, should have curled everything because they are like SUPER straight and my hair got fizzy from the weather D:
But besides that (and the toned down make up because I had to take an ID pic) I'm very happy with this outfit ^^
Shirts: Cecil MacBee
Shorts: JSG
Leggins: Don ki
Shoes: Flag J
Star: Claire's
Today's outfit! A lot of people looked at me (in the good way 8D)
There was even a French guy in Fona who asked be about my bag (not visible) was from a new Chanel collection, and it is just some off brand purse from 109 XDDD
Jacket: from USA, I do not know where
Dress: AC DC
Boots: Bianco
Belt: JSG
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Usamimis: JSG
Okay yesterday night this HUGE SPIDER ran around on my floor D: It took me 10 minutes to get it out T__T But I do not kill animals who have not injured me so I just got it caught under a glass and put it outside ^^
BATMAN SOCKS! Wore them today <3>

Okay so last weekend, Genki was held!
To me the convention seemed pretty well planned compared to other conventions I have been to. There was a lot of events and they were FINDABLE! For the first time in my con life I was able to navigate by myself.
I got a lot of time together with my lovely friends too! Because of the good weather Friday and Saturday we were able to stay outside a lot of the time, that was very nice and gave a new type of freedom and space. People could be very noisy and run around with out disturbing a whole convention.
The cosplay show though, could have been run a little more smoothly. There were some technical problems with some of the acts that just should not have happened and it caused confusion on the stage which was a shame! But it was fun none the less! The right teams won IMO ^^
There was a lot of drama at this convention, but that just made me meet the sweet Bára and because she was so calm I wanted to spend more time with her, so because of drama stress I made a really sweet friend 8D

There were some security problems and they made me feel very insecure because I only had short shorts and a school girl uniform with me, so I was also very grateful to Bára because she walked me to 7/11 and back. I was really scared of going my self but I did not feel like I could ask anybody to join me, so I am very glad she wanted to go with a stranger who only knew her friend!
Nice nice Bára ^W^

It was awesome to cosplay both Miku and Zidane.
I got a lot of compliments for both of the costumes, but I liked being Zidane the most because Zarsu was such a beautiful Dagger! I really hope I can cosplay with her again some day 8D

I am in the process of changing my layout on my blog. I do not know yet how I want it to look so I am going with a simple style right now 8D


Cosplay previews and my lolita dress

Just a picture post before Genki tomorrow ^^

Miku Hatsune :: Vocaloid

Zidane Tribal :: Final Fantasy IX

Angelic Pretty dress, socks and head bow.
Jesus Diamante shoes.
Closet Child ACC.