My life + outfits 8D

Okay, so I wanted to do a little update now I got the time for it! Mostly pictures xD;

Next week I will be starting at Copenhagen University studying Japanese!
So I had to order some books. Amazon said they would arrive the day after my classes start, but they arrived three days ago!

My books 8D (2000 DKR.... Y__Y)

And yeah, did you notice the *RAIN??* Outside my room I got a lovely waterfall XD;
Pretty right? But I also got a little waterfall in my room too... Goddammit D:
But I like a lot of rain... I just wish it would be warm like in Japan though, it was cold to go outside in flipflops D:

Okay and a blog first happening:

Me au natural... Do not know what to say... I got brown hair and glasses? XD

Two days ago I wore this to go down to my grandparents ^^ Just really casual but I think it is pretty cute still ^^
Cardigan: Conomi
T-shirt: Tralala
Shorts: JSG
Usa mimi: JSG
Skull bracelet: Tarina Tarantino
(and then I wore my pink converse with lace on them but they are pretty old and worn XD;)

This is my fathers cat. My grandparents takes care of her. She is pretty old, I think she is around 16 or something. She used to be a cranky old lady and you could not even touch her, but now she actually wants to cuddle just a little sometimes and she even purr!
I think it is because she just is an 'old people cat', and not really the cat for my active dad and owner of a little hyper active miniature dachshund XD
Her name is Pika, and I must admit; she is pretty cute when she wants to cuddle and play around ^^

Outfit today! I felt like trying with a lot of rock inspiration ^^ And trying to do some of the straight hair styles from Ageha, not as big as they do them though xD;
T-shirts: Cecil MacBee
Shorts: JSG
Stockings: Donki
Boots: Random shop in Camden
Acc: H&M, random, Tarina Tarantino and Clarie's.

And I end this post with my dinner! Made too much xD
It is chicken meatballs (tsukune) in a sweet yakitori sauce, edamame beans, yakitori sauce for extra dip and rice ^^

And BTW, due to the retarded comment system will not allow me to reply to single comments I will just write a message here:
If you want larger versions of the pictures, clicking on them should make them larger ^w^

11 kommentarer:

  1. Second outfit... like.. omg... RAVISH RAVISH RAVISH!

  2. Your outfits are always soo amazing! LOVE the second one, totally hott! 8D

    Wooh! Asian Studies are TEH place to be!
    Srsly, it's so awesome! lol! x3
    I guess I'll see you around then ^_^

  3. Wow, that's alot of money on books :/
    Mhhm. you look so smexy ;)

  4. Aw, I've got some of those Japanese books too :3 My private teacher uses them to teach me. And woow, rain D: I already miss the nice and warm and sunny weather..

    Pika looks very fluffy and huggable ♥ I simply LOVE cats!

    I really like both of your outfits, especially the first one because I'm a sucker for sweet/cute outfits ^-^ But the second one is also sexy *-* Haha ♥

    *looks at the food*....*gets hungry* Woah, it looks so nice and yummy! Maybe I should go make myself some dinner soon, too.. ^^'

  5. Daaamn, why are books so expensive? x_x

    The first outfit is super cute and casual <33 And the second is just awesome! I love the rock style!
    And you look so pretty even when you aren't wearing makeup!

    That cat looks super soft ü

  6. Hvor er du bare smuk T-T <3 elsker dine outfit shots! Specielt det andet, jeg får helt lyst til selv at sætte hår, sætte noget tøj sammen og tage billeder, haha. Håber du får en fed klasse og en god skolestart :3

  7. BBQ you are so spicy and hot *A*! ..
    Derp .. I love the waterfall D: <3 .. It's pretteh .. and on the inside it sparkles just like Edward cullen .. pffffffffffffffff

    Wanna eat that food ._. .. now you made me hungry <3

  8. Loving your outfits! The Rokku style is amazing on you
    and my Uni used those books too, Ganbatte!! :D

  9. Oooh, I really love your rock-outfit! The left picture looks just like out of a gyaru-mag *___*

  10. Oh, that last outfit is so amazing ! ♥ Love it!

  11. wooaaahhh LOVE YOUR STOCKINGSSSS <3