I'm not dead D:

Looong time since the last update *shame*
But University, friends, parties and cosplay takes up most of my time and I do not really have time in the morning for outfit shots. So you will just have to make due with what you get xP

And btw!
Thank you so much for reading this very mixed blog! all 51 of you! I am very touched that so many reads this little blog ^w^

AAAND! Something more cool!
This pretty pretty gal: Jeongie is holding an awesome give away in order to celebrate she reached a 100 followers! How cool is that? 8D Wonder if I will EVER reach 100? haha
I reccomend cheking out her blog. It is funny and you will get envious of all her pretty pretty shoes! Go read it!
(Thinking about doing a little 'presentation' of each of the blogs I read everytime I post. Could be pretty funny and get more people to notice some diffrent blogs ^^)

Okay and just something to spice this blog up a little:

Outfit for a thing called 'fredags bar' (Friday Bar) at my university. I decided to play it a little safe with a simple dress and just go big on the hair. I need to get new extensions laik SOON T___T What do you guys think of the braid? First time I have played around with that kind of look ^^

And just some casual rock inspi outfit again ^^ I cannot remember when I wore this... XD But I think it looks pretty cute. (BATMAN LOVE!!)

Yeah... Now I will go to bed XD
Unhappily in love btw XD haha sucks but it is all right. It is part of being young eh?


8 kommentarer:

  1. That first hair girl!

    Well. Good to hear at least SOMETHING from you!
    And good to know you're spending your not-blogging time on something useful that makes you happy! ^o^

  2. KVKJVN;CHKJ:K I want your bag. Like totally craving it. BATMAAAAAN.

    Love the braid in the high hair 8D

    The braided hair looks very cute and gives a nice touch!

    I also love both outfits ;w;

    Girl, you'll reach 7382956239869+ followers in no time!
    Pretty pretty! ^^
    I am soo jealous of your hair! OMG! The first outfit is soo pretty!
    Wore this for the first party at uni, right? ^^ luuuv it3

  5. øv jeg gider ikke læse din blog mere!
    man får mindreværdskomplekser af alle dine dejlige outfit billeder!

    det er lidt som at kigge på de her perfekte The Sims mennesker :D lol

  6. Omg. Your. HAIR!! Woah ;_; You're so good at playing around with it and styling it! My hair is always like, flat. I'm really not good at hair-do's ^^' Also, both of your outfits are really cute.

    It sucks so bad to be uhappily in love .-. I really know the feeling! I hope it will work out for you in some way soon... *hug*

    Thank you for your comment at my last blog update btw.. I don't really know what to say, cause it was so cute, but it made me really happy. I hope we'll get the chance to talk again very soon *^^* <3

  7. You look FIERCE! Like whoa whoa whoa~
    The braid-look really suits you, and looks so cute in the big hairstyle :D
    And the last outfit is just.. awesome! The hair, maaaain! <3