Birthday update!

Just a quickie before going to eat my birthday dinner! Sushi - om nom nom!
Today I turn 19 ^^

Some really everyday outfits to show off my regular style. Not "ZOMG GYAAAARU-CHAN DESU~~" or anything. Just casual with some gyaru inspiration ^^ Mainly in the make up but I look so tired in the morning I wanted to spare your eyes XD

Wore this two weeks ago at a university party, with the theme "colours of the rainbow". We got one day's notice of the theme so I went with what I just got in my closet XD And I got to wear my Jesus Diamante shoes <3>

Okay, and today I went shopping with my dad for a present. He saw my old busted (and still highly beloved) engineer boots and then he asked if I wanted a new pair. Then I found these in Illum, om nom nom! I rabu them so I'm going to wear them tonight too. They have 'teddy fur' in the shafts so they are nice and warm <3>

and yes I do cosplay. I know a lot of gals making this face ":x" when they hear the word cosplay, but I think it is fun and it teaches me new skills! ^^
So here is a preview of my Shego Make up. I tried to go with a more gal influenced look, because if Shego was real, she would totally be a Rock Gal!
And I will wear Cicle lenses with her when I wear it at J-popcon ^^

So shot post from me.
Sorry I do not update that much, I am just a little busy atm D:
But I will try to be a better blogger ^^

6 kommentarer:

  1. ååårh nice cosplay!!! glæder jeg mig mega meget til at se billeder af!!!!

    og øv :( du er så smuk!
    jeg elsker dit hår og din stil! du ser godt ud i alle stilarter! *misunde*

    dine nye støvler er vildt lækre!! gid de var mine :D

  2. ..... okay
    wow #1: PASTELLER. Du er så fin i de sko. <3
    wow #2: Shego har aldrig været så lækker, seriously.
    Have en god fødselsdag, pus!


  4. Så nice at du skal cosplaye Shego XD og super nice makeup!

  5. Best. Shego. Ever.

    Og de sko der, mmmm <3

  6. I looove your everyday style! Sooo cute even though it's casual. Gaah, you party outfit is way too cute as well >w< Love the skirt!!

    OH MY GOD, THOSE BOOTS *__* What an amazing gift!!! LUCKY YOU :'D

    I can't wait to see your Shego in action <3