I am a really bad blogger... XD

So: news from the doctor. I have had trouble with VERY cold hands and feet but I do not have anything they can trace in my blood, so I just have problem with narrow passages for my blood. I can get some medicine if I get more problems with it, so that is nice :D

And some outfits:

Outfit from a party at my university. Tried my JSG cord with some Flag J-shoes and high side swept hair 8D And I also tried a new kind of way to do my eye make up. Not closing the sides of the eyes with black but using blue and white. I am not crazy about it, I prefer the 'traditional' make up style XD

Just a costume for a Halloween + House-warming party. Mostly uploaded to show off my natural curls. I have in the past hated my curls and wished I could just have straight hair, because I thought curls were ugly. But lately I have liked my curls better and better. So I wanted to boost my curl confidence a little.
Btw, I was a witch XD

And yesterday I did my Madame Red test mini teaser shoot. (No pictures here yet <3)
I was left with red lips, and I must say I like a powerful colour on my lips with my current hair tone and just a plain black top ^^

Take care all 59 of you! (Haha who would have thought over 50 people would want to follow my life? XD)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Dem lips. <3
    Dine naturlige krøller ser så flotte ud, det er sådan noget hår jeg godt gad at have XD

    Og jeg glæder mig. så. meget til J-pop.
    Du bliver den bedste Madam Red nogen sinde <3

  2. Looooooove your outfit and hair ;-;

    Srs, are those your natural curls? I am so envious right now, haha. They look great!

    Btw. Red lips look amazing on you~

  3. Jeg ELSKER DIT OUTFIT!!! <3 Og envy dine krøller XP Din pæne pige altså iiih..! Og synes din makeup ser vildt cute ud på dig selvom du måske ik selv er så vild med det :3