J-popcon 2010

So, J-popcon 2010 is over!
It was one of the funnier J-popcons this year, and I will come back next year! (And hopefully participate in the show hoho)

There were some faults and short comings J-popcon should have taken care of, but it seemed like there was not enough people to help out around the con. It was also a whole new place the con was hosted so it took some time to learn where the different things were located.
I did not really attend any events and panels because I mostly find them boring and a waste of time I could have used together with my friends. I am a little sad I did not get a lot of time together with every single one of them, but well that happens at J-popcon XD
And the people I did spend time with were so nice!

Friday I was dressed in Sweet Lolita (as OTT as I could get) but I have not really found a good picture of that yet so you guys will have to wait XD

Saturday I wore my Madame Red cosplay together with Astrid as my Grell! (OMG SHE IS JUST THE PRETTIEST GRELL nom nom nom)

It was so nice cosplaying with her, and I cannot wait for another chance to dress up in red together with her!

Photo by Zarsu!
Sunday was the big KP day!
I got Liv to be my amazing Kimmy and her wig was amazing!
I am so sad I forgot to put my circle lenses in T___T

Photo by Zarsu!

Photo by Zarsu!
And a single shot to show off a little

I hope all of you had a good J-popcon, and if you did not attend; a good weekend 8D

5 kommentarer:

  1. :D :D :D (don't know what to write. So you can just get my hapiness like this)

  2. de kim possible cosplays var utrolige!
    og make-up'en var perfekt:D

    også dit Madam Red cosplay ser utrolig gennemført ud!
    Helt klart den flotteste Madam Red cosplay jeg har set!

  3. Luvin' your cosplays, you know that <3

  4. YOUR MADAME RED I CRAZY. CRAZY I TELL YOU. The details. I can't believe you made it all by yourself - you're sooooo skilled *o*
    Your Shego was perfect as well <3

  5. Yes jeg er din FAN!! XD Begge dine cosplay's var total awesomeness~ <3 Især Shego *drool* Glæder mig til vi skal lave Vocaloid ^o^