Food, food and cake.

So a lot of things have been happening, but not that many would be interesting to blog about.

Monday the 16th I handed in my application for Chuo university, and everything was a okay, so now I just need a reply from them here in May/Juneish! I cannot really wait.

The official main building of the University of Copenhagen. Yes, old stuff, but still quite pretty.

What I wore on the big hand-in day! Aaand most of Copenhagen looked as me as I was walking down the treets naked or something. Really weird

Thursday I went to my Grandfather and Grandmothers place to eat dinner. THEY BROUGHT ME TUNA~ I was about to cry because tuna is quite expensive around here and they are only living of their pension. They are just waaay too good to me ;__; <3 (and my grandfather also loves raw tuna... Must be where I got it from)

And OFC I did have some lovely TV watching time with him and the dogs. The Miniature dutchhound on the right belongs to my father and he hates my grandfathers normal dutchhound with a passion.

The following weekend I went over to Kami for some casual fun time as we do best. And look at the REALLY healthy food we make together. But it was really good and I regret nothing.

 And just some random snaps from uni life. The left is a Kastello cake from Japan that the Japanese exchange student brought. It was really good!
And on the right is a Red Bull crate with a parachute. IDK why...
Lastly rounding up all the food p0rn I went to a local Italian restaurant with my mother, stepfather and some of the TORS moving administration. It was really good food! And the conversation was really funny, we kinda made noise enough for the whole room... And quoted Monthy Python and Eddie Izzard, oh yes.

And now I shall leave you, going to Kamis again this weekend and then the Sakura Festival Saturday~ I cannot really wait to wear my yukata again.


Little Boy Blue with the DIY shirt and pants.

Most of this week was spend on doing some uni related assignments and finishing my application, which I will turn in tomorrow! I am really excited!
But because of this, I have not really been out and doing a lot that would be fun to show...
Well I did go to a party last Friday 8D (where I do not have any pictures from..)

My outfit from the night. I had no idea how fancy or not the party was, so I just dressed really casual leaving most of the focus to my hair and new pants.
And I got inspired by the lovely tumblr Sukebans for a ora ora vibe (not sure if visible, but hey, at least I tried)

And besides this I can only show you some DIY stuff I have been making.

 This shirt was because I wanted an oversize shirt and saw a cute cord once with a cross like this 8D
I hope to use it tomorrow~ (and I got the shirt second hand, all of the money saved)


On the left there are some progress shots. I used black fabric paint, a brush and a sponge for the faded stripes. And otherwise I just padded the paint on, again not to get a too harsh black line. The stars was made by padding paint on a star cutout I did with some paper.
I am really pleased with them I must say 8D

Sorry for such a 'plain' entry, but deadlines have taken most of my time D:


Easter break.

 So this Easter have been a mixture of seeing Kami, making cosplay and seeing my family in Jutland.

After spending a weekend at my lover girl's place, I went to Jutland with my mother, stepfather and my two stepsisters AND TANNE!!!

On the way we ate lunch at le MacD, and I tried the crispy chicken bacon wrap. It was actually pretty good 8D and Tanne is way too big for our new car, so she does this thing with her ears so she looks like Yoda... my little babu.
The man in the top left corner is my granddad. It was nice to see him and just relax and sow for three days. And you always have to eat a cake and drink coffe/tea in the afternoon, so that is just a bonus!

Me and my youngest cousin Ida. That is what I would look like if I was blonde 8D

Back on Sealand again, we went to my friend/spare aunt's 60 year birthday on Good Friday. I inherited this sweeter from my grandmother and decided to wear it.

 I also wore circle lenses, but had to take them out because I got dust up my nose just as we left and then my eyes got crazy :C
And I am wearing shorts fyi. It is just a long sweeter.

 And this cake, I cannot describe how good it was with all that whipped cream!! I really love whipped cream... le fatty-chan, yes.

And I just got back from Kami's place today where we worked on some cosplay stuff for her.
All in all I had a really good Easter holiday, but did far too little school work... XD;;

Take care~



So, any body who had asked me about tips for circle lenses, will know how much of a psycho I am regarding safety. I like wearing circle lenses, but I like my eye sight even more, so I try to be as careful as possible and have a good lense care routine (like going to my eye doctor every half year also due to my everyday lenses, and rinse the circle lenses.). But STILL I got a pair of lenses, that caused my eyes to itch and burn like hell after only an hour and forced me to use glasses only for some months.
Everybody should at least glance through this entry by Mint, so you can get an idea of how much this fashion statement can hurt you. I am not saying anything for or against circle lenses, seeing as I like to use them myself, but you can never be too careful about your eyes!



Feeling the Hunger?

So, lazy Sunday night before you have to go to Jutland, what better time than to blog?

This weekend I spend with Kami, surprise surprise. 
It was  nice to just chill, because these past weeks has been a little hard on me. This week I went to the hospital three times to get some tests done, because I am hopefully going to study in Japan the next semester!! So it is worth it, even though it is stressful and annoying. 

But back to my lover girl.

I got her an Easter egg, that I am sure she will blog about, and then she got me one too! I really love Easter eggs with a passion, so I got so touched when she wrote she had gotten me one ;w;!

And it was so tasty! Nom!

Most of the weekend, we played Catherine. It was a pretty fun game, and I turned out to be really good at the puzzle parts. Shimmy shimmy, pushy pully.. I quite enjoyed the game and I am probably going to get it when I get a PS3, because the puzzles made me relax (most of the time). 
And we got the good ending btw, every thing was pretty and amazing. (But the cut scenes was TOO LONG)

We also went to see The Hunger Games yesterday. So taking turns to play Catherine, we got ourselves ready. I went with a Katniss inspired braid because I could.

AND!! I had my lenses in for around 4 hours, so it turned out it was just my solution my eyes had a beef with. (Sorry for the red eyes, still have a lingering cold and I am a little allergic to cats I think).

 All of the red faces 8//D Playing too much Catherine yes?~
 Dinner before the movie. First time I ever brought a pita bread with stuff in it - and it was pretty darn tasty 8D

And ofc I got popcorn for the film. I cannot go to the movies without popcorn. And Girlfriend approves.

For the Easter holiday I am going to see my Grandfather in Jutland with my mom and Tanne, then a birthday Friday and hopefully a whole lot of Kami after that, yes this will be good.

Take good care of yourselves, and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Yes I went there)