Food, food and cake.

So a lot of things have been happening, but not that many would be interesting to blog about.

Monday the 16th I handed in my application for Chuo university, and everything was a okay, so now I just need a reply from them here in May/Juneish! I cannot really wait.

The official main building of the University of Copenhagen. Yes, old stuff, but still quite pretty.

What I wore on the big hand-in day! Aaand most of Copenhagen looked as me as I was walking down the treets naked or something. Really weird

Thursday I went to my Grandfather and Grandmothers place to eat dinner. THEY BROUGHT ME TUNA~ I was about to cry because tuna is quite expensive around here and they are only living of their pension. They are just waaay too good to me ;__; <3 (and my grandfather also loves raw tuna... Must be where I got it from)

And OFC I did have some lovely TV watching time with him and the dogs. The Miniature dutchhound on the right belongs to my father and he hates my grandfathers normal dutchhound with a passion.

The following weekend I went over to Kami for some casual fun time as we do best. And look at the REALLY healthy food we make together. But it was really good and I regret nothing.

 And just some random snaps from uni life. The left is a Kastello cake from Japan that the Japanese exchange student brought. It was really good!
And on the right is a Red Bull crate with a parachute. IDK why...
Lastly rounding up all the food p0rn I went to a local Italian restaurant with my mother, stepfather and some of the TORS moving administration. It was really good food! And the conversation was really funny, we kinda made noise enough for the whole room... And quoted Monthy Python and Eddie Izzard, oh yes.

And now I shall leave you, going to Kamis again this weekend and then the Sakura Festival Saturday~ I cannot really wait to wear my yukata again.

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  1. I hope you'll get accepted into the Chuo university c:
    And I love that shirt!! The cross looks so cool x3


  2. NOMS NOMS FOOD PORN! And dude, they be starin' cause you be lookin' so fly! >: D We had our hand-in-day on the 16th as well! People in CPH are dumb as shit tbqh. I sat outside for like 20 minutes (cause I arrived early to the Student Center at Fiolstræde) and people STILL kept going up to the door, pulling the handle, won't open, then stepping back, looking at the signs that say that they open at noon, then pulling the handel again.. and then leaving. O_O ALL the while I was sitting on the stairs right in front of the door. WTH PEOPLE?! lolz. /le weird-ass mumbling over/

  3. HANDLE* omg fail spelling takes up lots of comments here ok. T_T; /ego burst/

  4. Oh Uni Life. I'm shitting myself with fear about (hopefully) starting on CBS next year.

  5. I've just found your blog and I love it! ❤

    I think your style is gorgeous!! ^___^/

    oh! And nice to meet you :3

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me, so whank you so much for writing <3

      and nice to meet you too, I hope you will be just slightly entertained here!