Easter break.

 So this Easter have been a mixture of seeing Kami, making cosplay and seeing my family in Jutland.

After spending a weekend at my lover girl's place, I went to Jutland with my mother, stepfather and my two stepsisters AND TANNE!!!

On the way we ate lunch at le MacD, and I tried the crispy chicken bacon wrap. It was actually pretty good 8D and Tanne is way too big for our new car, so she does this thing with her ears so she looks like Yoda... my little babu.
The man in the top left corner is my granddad. It was nice to see him and just relax and sow for three days. And you always have to eat a cake and drink coffe/tea in the afternoon, so that is just a bonus!

Me and my youngest cousin Ida. That is what I would look like if I was blonde 8D

Back on Sealand again, we went to my friend/spare aunt's 60 year birthday on Good Friday. I inherited this sweeter from my grandmother and decided to wear it.

 I also wore circle lenses, but had to take them out because I got dust up my nose just as we left and then my eyes got crazy :C
And I am wearing shorts fyi. It is just a long sweeter.

 And this cake, I cannot describe how good it was with all that whipped cream!! I really love whipped cream... le fatty-chan, yes.

And I just got back from Kami's place today where we worked on some cosplay stuff for her.
All in all I had a really good Easter holiday, but did far too little school work... XD;;

Take care~

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  1. Love your hair! :3
    Thanks so much for the follow <3

  2. Hahahaha, huge dog in small car = so cute xD
    And your small cousin is super cute as well c:

    You look amazing in that sweater :D And the hair looks great!

    Delicious cake looks delicious *w*