So it has pretty much been forever since I blogged right?
Well, March is not an easy month for me, with a lot of memories and all. And on top of that we also had Jpopcon coming, and I have just been either sowing on Mirka, or been reading for my paper. So even though I have been doing so little, it just takes up so much time and I really do not do anything :C

But anyways, starting this post is my 'costume' for a Birthday Party one of my friends hosted last month. I kinda went for a winter faerie thing. I really like short hair again btw.... so changes might happen at some point haha. But so far I will have to make due with my wigs.

Kami came over to have a cosplay sowing weekend with me in the start of March, and I have missed our proper fry up breakfast! nom nom
I also tried making bacon pancakes for us. New obsession yes. It is SO darn good!!

And some hair and makeup from when we went fabric shopping!

And more random outfit. I just love every single thing I got from my Ghost in Harlem bag okay?

As some of you might know, I love running! But I have not been able to for over half a year, because my hip kept on hurting me a lot. So I went to a running specialist shop and got tested. Turned out my shoes were pushing my foot outwards, seeing as when I got them, I did have problems keeping my feet and ankles straight. But now I have overcome that problem, and this pressure to stabilize my foot, was in the end pushing all the way up into my hip, almost trying to force the joint outwards D:

So I got me some new awesome shoes! I already love them waaaay too much! They are kinda high end and all, but they just supports me so well, and the gel parts under my foot are so nice to run on! Half Marathon, here I come haha

My mother has been in Japan for the last 6 weeks, and she kept on sending me some small goodies home! Here are some of it, prepare yourself for a lot of BB Cream stuff!

 And finishing off with a outfit I wore Friday to go out with Kami, and meet our dear friend Sasha. I have missed her so much, so it was really good seeing her again! I still do not know about using hats and stuff... but I like it! and I refuse the wintery weather we still have in Denmark, and pretend the best I can it is spring. (Wonder if it will EVER become summer? :C)