Shopping, Magical Kingdoms and Snow!

After New Years eve (and a day of death) Kami and I decided to go to Shibuya!~ It was not so funny though, because the places we wanted to go was just JAM PACKED with people, so we went home rather fast.

At 'home', we went to Studio Alta and I got myself a new bag, and after that we went to Marui-One where I FINALLY got myself some earmuffs and completed my Graffiti Bunny Weekday series! I just love her way of drawing, it is amazing!!

We also stopped by Claire's where I got myself some rings and ear bling! I really love the Panda ones I got, they are so cute I think haha! 

We returned the day after, where there were much less people and it was just a lot nicer to be there!

In Tokio Hands they had a Moomin special floor, RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD. All the stuff I wanted... (I am in the process of collecting all the Moomin mugs I can get my hands on, so passing these babies over was SO hard. Like, they had the proper tea mug size and all! - I only have the coffee ones boo boo)

Our Shibuya lunch! The most filling pasta dish I have gotten so far! Meat sauce with mushrooms.
But the table next to us was so awkward... Like... hell, you can see the video, we talk about it. And are awkward about it too haha.

More Shibuya shopping! Here you can see my lovely comfy socks, thigh high and all! I really do not know how I would have survived winter without these babies, best buy so far!

Make up and hair from a day where we went to Ikebukoro! (something we do quite a lot... haha)

We found Spinnes had a outlet in Ikebukoro so of cause we RAN in there and brought some things. I got a cat ear bowler hat for 500 Yen which is SO cheap I dun even!! And I am really glad I got it, re-found my love for wearing hats.
And tights. You can never have enough.

And we went to get some Japanese curry for lunch, and as always it was SO good! This one is the からあげカレー (karaage karê - fried chicken curry)

Then the big D-day came! We went to Tokyo Disney Resort and it was SO much fun!!

We did not get to try that many rides (we tried: Peter Pan's Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain EO 3D Experience ft. Michael Jackson and the Rescue Rangers roller coaster) but we did manage to see two parades (half of the midday one and the electric parade) and the most amazing thing: a musical performance. I am SO glad we got to see the musical because it featured a bit with Peter Pan (and their Peter was quite cute) and it also had a Villain part with (And now hold your horses if you like Disney Villains): The Evil Queen from Snow White (two versions), Frollo (!!) from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The fact they had Frollo in the show just made me loose my shits because I really like his character and the Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favorite Disney movie.

 We went home around 6 and ate ramen at one of our favorite gyoza restaurants back in Shinjuku. I felt so ill on the way home though. I have had three elastics just pressing against my stomach and in the night it just started to hurt so bad I wanted to cry of pain :C but eating some warm soup really helped! (and cuddeling with my cute Cheshire Cat must also have helped!)


And have some hair and make up from the last day we went to Harajuku! The necklace I am wearing in the last picture is a gift Kami got me, she is waaay too good to me! *feels*

AAAAND some shopping was done in Harajuku too. Woops~

The day before Kami went home I took her out to a 焼肉食べ放題 (yakiniku tabehoudai - all you can eat grilled meat) because I really wanted her to try it! and the food was SO good and we just ate so much we could have rolled home haha!

Then the sad day came where I had to send her home :C I almost cried in the train because I missed her so much. It is hard saying goodbye to the most amazing girl in my life after having spend 20 days with her. But I am so glad she came over, it was just what I needed to get me going again!

Which is good because when she went home, I had to start studying for finals!! They are all over now (ended last Thursday, but then booze happened and stuff... ulululu)
I have no idea what my final result will be but for grammar and listening I scored 80% (a little lower than I wanted) and my literature essay got me an A, so so far so good. I get all my results in April (:CCCCCCC)

And now some random Tamadaira snaps!

A dessert Koni-sempai made for us, it was really good, even though I have no idea what it was!

AND SNOOOOOW!!! I was SO happy waking up to this! I really thought I would go a whole winter without seeing snow, but then the weather came through for me! (And I got in such a Christmassy mood haha)

And that's about it for now... And I am ALMOST up to date with my pictures now, so I am just left with a lot of videos haha. I shall do my best with finishing them asap! and I am leaving in like 11ish days, it is SO surreal...


New Years eve and Lucky Deals!

First of all: went to my dads place to celebrate Christmas! (And having Kami meet him for the first time haha) There is more pictures of that here! And a video too, so check that out!

The day before new years eve, we went to Comiket together with the lovely Hopy!

It was quite different from Danish conventions, and it was clear the number one reason for the whole thing was money. So the sales halls were quite impressive, and I think it is the largest venue I have ever been in. It was quite the experience, but it is not something I will be doing again. Once is more that enough haha!

At New Years Eve we met up with Hopy and some of her friends! We started out at an Izakaya (japanese restaurant bar) where we had a 飲み放題 (nomi houdai - all you can drink) for two hours, and darn. I got drunk as hell I tell you. But is was super fun though!
Around 12 we went to a temple close by (and some people went to the toilet haha) but I still got to kiss my girl as the first thing in the new year, and a old lady close by though we were the cutest thing ever! - and of cause some guys went le gasp lesbians in free form, but oh well.
We ate some noodles, burned Kamis hand and sacrificed some of our food to the earth, and then we went to a karaoke bar for around 3ish hours. I felt horrible at the end of the night, because I had a mad cold and forgot ALL my meds back home :C But never the less it was really fun. 

The 1st of January was spend sleeping and feeling ill :C

The second we had to rush to my dorm because I needed to receive my amazing Ghost of Harlem Lucky Bag! God it is so amazing!
 What I got:

  • One white loose t-shirt
  • One denim shirt with print
  • One white t-shirt
  • One black and white long t-shirt
  • One black cardigan
  • One black fluffy coat
  • The kick ass bag itself
All in all, I am very pleased with the contents of this bag!! And all of this for only 10.500 yen! I love Japanese new year!

 New year in Japan means a lot of lucky bags and other package deals in order to empty out their stock and make room for new things. Here I got a lucky box from Candy Doll for around 1500 yen, with one foundation, one lip gloss and one lip stick. I am SO happy I got this because I love the foundation and I also got the lipstick I wanted to buy! I am still learning how to use the lip gloss though haha. And the box is also so amazingly cute!

In Studio Alta we found a eyelash lucky pack for 500 yen!! It was waaay too good to pass on, so we spend so much time just searching through all the combinations to find the ones we liked the most haha! I cannot wait to use these, even though I think I will mostly use these for costumes.

 We also went to Shibuya the 3rd. but it was just WAY too crowded. But I did manage to buy this from a brand I did not know. Some of the things in this was a bit of a let down, but I did get a good bohemian top for summer, a cute black skirt with metallic blue threads in it and a gray coat. At first I did not at all want that coat, but it was a trench coat, and I had wanted one for SO long. Kami convinced me to try it out, and now I do not know how I lived without it. Pictures of said coat will come in next entry probably.

Finishing off with my FAVORITE ramen restaurant. It was the first place we went when Kami arrived, but it was so amazing we came back like... I do not know maybe 5 times or so? It was so good, and you just felt so full afterwards.

SO this is it from this round, please check back for more!
Take care~


What happened since last time you ask?

久しぶりー!!(hisashiburi - long time no see)
Sorry for just upping and laving like this with no word here, but as Christmas drew nearer, my days were just so stressed and I had to do a ton of things before Kami came over, and when she was here, I did not want to spend my time editing pictures and such :C
But on with it!

To start out, some food from the cafeteria!

ハンバーガ (hamburger, hanburger style aka no bun)

チキンサンド (chicken sando, really good sandwitch with fried chicken and mayo)

カレー (karê, Japanese curry and rice)

付け面 (tsukemen - cold noodles with a warm soup you dip it in)

And I did make it to Yoshinoya and got a 焼肉丼 (yakiniku don, grilled beef rice bowl)//It was SO good!! 

One of the days before Christmas, I went to 八王子 (Hachiouji) with Mike to get me a new hand luggage sized suitcase, I could use for when Kami came over! And ofc I had to dress up a little for that, you know me!

Before I went home I also went to マツモト・キヨシー (Matsumoto Kiyoshi) and got myself a proper nose contouring colour, and I am SO happy with it! It makes is much easier to contour without having it looking like you got a dirty nose.

I also went to Tama Center a little while before I left for Shinjuku, to get myself a new party dress. You gotta look proper when you go to 六本木 (Roppongi)

Me and Cheris camwhoring before going out, best idea everです

 I also got SICK of how dry and damaged my hair felt, so I tried to by this Tsubaki Oil. I have tried it from Palty hair colours, because they all include some to nourish your hair after you have coloured it, and it makes my hair crazy soft when I use it! I love this product WAY too much. I have to buy a little stash to use at home too.

God I had been waiting for this forever! Seeing my darling in the airport was just so unbelievable, like... I almost could not understand I was standing with her arms around me in Japan!
And after that shock died down, I gave her her very own Suica card (prepaid train card) and we were on our way to 新宿 Shinjuku!

This is our hotel room, not that big but big enough, and really cheap compared to how much we got and how good it was located! I quite miss it now haha.

They day after we decided to go to 原宿 to do some shopping.

Just to be a little cultural, we stopped my the 明治神宮(Meiji Shrine), and we were actually lucky enough to catch a wedding going on! But there was just SO many people at 竹下道理 (Takeshita dori) it was quite horrible :C But we still managed to shop a lot though haha!

For lunch, we managed to find this place selling giant たこ焼き (tako yaki, kinda like buns with seafood inside, mostly squid: たこ) It was quite good, but there were just SO much of it!

But look how happy she looks after food was had, naawah!

 And ending this whole thing with my gets for that day! Yeah... Went kinda crazy... I REGRET NOTHING THOUGH

If you wanna see more from our tour of Harajuku, watch the vlog we made for that day!

Take care until next time, I still have a lot of pictures left to edit! (thank got for finals coming up soon)