MOVING DAY, coming soon - edit: CANCELLED, Blogger, why so funny?

So because my blog here decided to go to hell and not care to come back, even after my doll Kami tried to mess around with it, I am starting a new one.

So I made a whole new retarded name up, and will start posting on is from this day. ( just made it seconds ago so it will take some days before I make it all fab and fancy.)
I think I will start tonight or tomorrow with the layout and then make a little post Christmas entry with some gyaru goodness (I can spoil this much: my dad and his wife gave me two bags from Cecil McBee)

The new link
Pink dreams and frosting

Please follow me there from now on!

So RIGHT after I made this post, blogger decided to work again. haha, so funny.
I will stay here, but keep the other blog, just in case it is only for about an hour or so blogger is behaving it self. 

Maybe it is my Christmas present? 


16/12 10

So, tomorrow I have an oral test, and I do not feel like praticing my reading and translation so, I will update my blog!

Tuesday I went to do some Christmas shopping and decided to dress up + buy my self a sweater since I am always so cold... D:

I tried a relaxed (and WARM) rock gal inspired cord.

I am not happy about my cardigan, but I did not have a black cardigan in that length D: Maybe I will buy one and add some studs to it, so it gets a little edge. After Christmas XD

So I got my sweater, and I LOVE IT SO HARD.
Would it be too strange to buy another one so I can wear it more days? haha XD

Please ignore my socks + slippers. I could only take a picture in my room and I really wanted to show off my sweater XD; and my thigh highs have three butterflies on each side. I love them so much and I really like how they played together with the pink sweater.

And I will soon work on my layout, excuse the crappyness for a while more though D:


The first of December!

Yay December! I love December 8D
And snow!

Oh well on with the blog.
I will apologize if the pictures are small and/or badly edited, I am on my little lap top and it cannot edit for its life XD

So... In October (haha late much) we had a Halloween party at my University. I was in the bar, major fail! XD

But that gave me the chance to compare my German Red Bulls.

- The middle one is the 'normal' size. I cannot wait to drink the large one! haha. I have already tried the shot, it was SUPER EFFECTIVE! I think I got a little too friendly in the hyperactive way, but it was fun though 8D

So my costume...

I am a girl who got murdered by her best friend over a boy and then pushed down the stairs. I wore my Madame Red wig for the first time in public too, got so many compliments! The make up was so funny to do, and damn people stared at me in the metro XD

And last, just a random everyday outfit. Nothing special XD;

Thank you for the read!