16/12 10

So, tomorrow I have an oral test, and I do not feel like praticing my reading and translation so, I will update my blog!

Tuesday I went to do some Christmas shopping and decided to dress up + buy my self a sweater since I am always so cold... D:

I tried a relaxed (and WARM) rock gal inspired cord.

I am not happy about my cardigan, but I did not have a black cardigan in that length D: Maybe I will buy one and add some studs to it, so it gets a little edge. After Christmas XD

So I got my sweater, and I LOVE IT SO HARD.
Would it be too strange to buy another one so I can wear it more days? haha XD

Please ignore my socks + slippers. I could only take a picture in my room and I really wanted to show off my sweater XD; and my thigh highs have three butterflies on each side. I love them so much and I really like how they played together with the pink sweater.

And I will soon work on my layout, excuse the crappyness for a while more though D:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vildt nuttet! Jeg kan godt lide den første cardigan som den er :D og jeg kender godt det med at få lyst til at købe flere af en ting, haha XD

  2. You look adorable, as always. :3 You should have more warm clothes, you're always so cold D:

  3. I hope your test went well :D

    I love both outfits! You're bangs have grown very long - it suites you quite well QwQ