Palty Bitter Cappuccino review

Palty Hair Dye Bitter Cappuccino.

First impression: Cute box xD

Plastic gloves
Some oil thingy
Nozzle for the bottle

I found a semi good translation of the instructions here: http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm289/SoompiPalty/?action=view&current=palty8inqx5.jpg
But I think if you are used to Japanese products and know a little hiragana and some kanji counters for time you will have no problems using this because there where some drawings explaining how to do it.

It was surprisingly easy! You just comb the colour in, but be careful! The dye is a little on the thin side so I accedently dropped something a couple of times, but it was also the first time ever I dyed my hair.. XD
One pack was enough for my hair but if you have longer than around shoulder length hair, I would recommend buying two bottles because I had to be very economical with the dye. It did smell a lot and sting a little, but that was because there was just a hint of bleach in it I think – and I'm used to bleach so I did not take notice of it.
I waited for around 40 minutes as I read on the internet people did. I wrapped my hair up under some clear plastic and then sat by a heater.
Then I washed my hair with both shampoo and conditioner and applied the little oil thingy from the dye pack. I did not know weather or not to apply the oil thingy, so I just applied it after I washed my hair x3;;
My hair did not feel different after, like it was damaged or anything.
The colour is visible, but not as dark as I expected, but that is only my monitors fault XP

The verdict:
Really nice and easy to use product. I would recommend it for first time users like me :D

Last but not least;
The Result:

My hair is naturally curly so that is why it looks so different XD And I had to take off my make up when I washed out the dye so I covered the bags under my eyes XP

Top view, much easier to see the difference.

Some weeks after I am still able to see the difference in my hair colour and my hair still feels like it used to ^^



Sorry! D:

I'm so sorry for not updating ><
I have a big assignment (actually two!) that I have to do before updating my blog, so sorry D:

Coming up:
Palty Hair Dye review.
How to cook Oyakodonbori.




Soo. I guess I better tell you guys about my all time favorite meal, that I am able to cook myself?

Meet the Japanese dish Oyakodonbori.
It is rice with a kind of egg omelet thing of chicken breast and some veggies of your liking in the onion family..

I am thinking about doing a small 'how to' on this dish because it is just SO GOOD!
It is tasty and pretty cheep if you buy the chicken on sale, and it can be eaten as lunch and dinner ^^
Then my blog would actually have something useful on it too xD

Tomorrow; blogging about my hair colour attempt today.

Btw how do you like the banner? It is the first one I ever did buuut it was pretty funny, even if it fails a little :D


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