Soo. I guess I better tell you guys about my all time favorite meal, that I am able to cook myself?

Meet the Japanese dish Oyakodonbori.
It is rice with a kind of egg omelet thing of chicken breast and some veggies of your liking in the onion family..

I am thinking about doing a small 'how to' on this dish because it is just SO GOOD!
It is tasty and pretty cheep if you buy the chicken on sale, and it can be eaten as lunch and dinner ^^
Then my blog would actually have something useful on it too xD

Tomorrow; blogging about my hair colour attempt today.

Btw how do you like the banner? It is the first one I ever did buuut it was pretty funny, even if it fails a little :D

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  1. Omg, you have to make this for me one day *-* Looks so delicious!

    I think your banner is cute, btw :D