MOVING DAY, coming soon - edit: CANCELLED, Blogger, why so funny?

So because my blog here decided to go to hell and not care to come back, even after my doll Kami tried to mess around with it, I am starting a new one.

So I made a whole new retarded name up, and will start posting on is from this day. ( just made it seconds ago so it will take some days before I make it all fab and fancy.)
I think I will start tonight or tomorrow with the layout and then make a little post Christmas entry with some gyaru goodness (I can spoil this much: my dad and his wife gave me two bags from Cecil McBee)

The new link
Pink dreams and frosting

Please follow me there from now on!

So RIGHT after I made this post, blogger decided to work again. haha, so funny.
I will stay here, but keep the other blog, just in case it is only for about an hour or so blogger is behaving it self. 

Maybe it is my Christmas present? 


16/12 10

So, tomorrow I have an oral test, and I do not feel like praticing my reading and translation so, I will update my blog!

Tuesday I went to do some Christmas shopping and decided to dress up + buy my self a sweater since I am always so cold... D:

I tried a relaxed (and WARM) rock gal inspired cord.

I am not happy about my cardigan, but I did not have a black cardigan in that length D: Maybe I will buy one and add some studs to it, so it gets a little edge. After Christmas XD

So I got my sweater, and I LOVE IT SO HARD.
Would it be too strange to buy another one so I can wear it more days? haha XD

Please ignore my socks + slippers. I could only take a picture in my room and I really wanted to show off my sweater XD; and my thigh highs have three butterflies on each side. I love them so much and I really like how they played together with the pink sweater.

And I will soon work on my layout, excuse the crappyness for a while more though D:


The first of December!

Yay December! I love December 8D
And snow!

Oh well on with the blog.
I will apologize if the pictures are small and/or badly edited, I am on my little lap top and it cannot edit for its life XD

So... In October (haha late much) we had a Halloween party at my University. I was in the bar, major fail! XD

But that gave me the chance to compare my German Red Bulls.

- The middle one is the 'normal' size. I cannot wait to drink the large one! haha. I have already tried the shot, it was SUPER EFFECTIVE! I think I got a little too friendly in the hyperactive way, but it was fun though 8D

So my costume...

I am a girl who got murdered by her best friend over a boy and then pushed down the stairs. I wore my Madame Red wig for the first time in public too, got so many compliments! The make up was so funny to do, and damn people stared at me in the metro XD

And last, just a random everyday outfit. Nothing special XD;

Thank you for the read!


J-popcon 2010

So, J-popcon 2010 is over!
It was one of the funnier J-popcons this year, and I will come back next year! (And hopefully participate in the show hoho)

There were some faults and short comings J-popcon should have taken care of, but it seemed like there was not enough people to help out around the con. It was also a whole new place the con was hosted so it took some time to learn where the different things were located.
I did not really attend any events and panels because I mostly find them boring and a waste of time I could have used together with my friends. I am a little sad I did not get a lot of time together with every single one of them, but well that happens at J-popcon XD
And the people I did spend time with were so nice!

Friday I was dressed in Sweet Lolita (as OTT as I could get) but I have not really found a good picture of that yet so you guys will have to wait XD

Saturday I wore my Madame Red cosplay together with Astrid as my Grell! (OMG SHE IS JUST THE PRETTIEST GRELL nom nom nom)

It was so nice cosplaying with her, and I cannot wait for another chance to dress up in red together with her!

Photo by Zarsu!
Sunday was the big KP day!
I got Liv to be my amazing Kimmy and her wig was amazing!
I am so sad I forgot to put my circle lenses in T___T

Photo by Zarsu!

Photo by Zarsu!
And a single shot to show off a little

I hope all of you had a good J-popcon, and if you did not attend; a good weekend 8D



I am a really bad blogger... XD

So: news from the doctor. I have had trouble with VERY cold hands and feet but I do not have anything they can trace in my blood, so I just have problem with narrow passages for my blood. I can get some medicine if I get more problems with it, so that is nice :D

And some outfits:

Outfit from a party at my university. Tried my JSG cord with some Flag J-shoes and high side swept hair 8D And I also tried a new kind of way to do my eye make up. Not closing the sides of the eyes with black but using blue and white. I am not crazy about it, I prefer the 'traditional' make up style XD

Just a costume for a Halloween + House-warming party. Mostly uploaded to show off my natural curls. I have in the past hated my curls and wished I could just have straight hair, because I thought curls were ugly. But lately I have liked my curls better and better. So I wanted to boost my curl confidence a little.
Btw, I was a witch XD

And yesterday I did my Madame Red test mini teaser shoot. (No pictures here yet <3)
I was left with red lips, and I must say I like a powerful colour on my lips with my current hair tone and just a plain black top ^^

Take care all 59 of you! (Haha who would have thought over 50 people would want to follow my life? XD)


Birthday update!

Just a quickie before going to eat my birthday dinner! Sushi - om nom nom!
Today I turn 19 ^^

Some really everyday outfits to show off my regular style. Not "ZOMG GYAAAARU-CHAN DESU~~" or anything. Just casual with some gyaru inspiration ^^ Mainly in the make up but I look so tired in the morning I wanted to spare your eyes XD

Wore this two weeks ago at a university party, with the theme "colours of the rainbow". We got one day's notice of the theme so I went with what I just got in my closet XD And I got to wear my Jesus Diamante shoes <3>

Okay, and today I went shopping with my dad for a present. He saw my old busted (and still highly beloved) engineer boots and then he asked if I wanted a new pair. Then I found these in Illum, om nom nom! I rabu them so I'm going to wear them tonight too. They have 'teddy fur' in the shafts so they are nice and warm <3>

and yes I do cosplay. I know a lot of gals making this face ":x" when they hear the word cosplay, but I think it is fun and it teaches me new skills! ^^
So here is a preview of my Shego Make up. I tried to go with a more gal influenced look, because if Shego was real, she would totally be a Rock Gal!
And I will wear Cicle lenses with her when I wear it at J-popcon ^^

So shot post from me.
Sorry I do not update that much, I am just a little busy atm D:
But I will try to be a better blogger ^^


I'm not dead D:

Looong time since the last update *shame*
But University, friends, parties and cosplay takes up most of my time and I do not really have time in the morning for outfit shots. So you will just have to make due with what you get xP

And btw!
Thank you so much for reading this very mixed blog! all 51 of you! I am very touched that so many reads this little blog ^w^

AAAND! Something more cool!
This pretty pretty gal: Jeongie is holding an awesome give away in order to celebrate she reached a 100 followers! How cool is that? 8D Wonder if I will EVER reach 100? haha
I reccomend cheking out her blog. It is funny and you will get envious of all her pretty pretty shoes! Go read it!
(Thinking about doing a little 'presentation' of each of the blogs I read everytime I post. Could be pretty funny and get more people to notice some diffrent blogs ^^)

Okay and just something to spice this blog up a little:

Outfit for a thing called 'fredags bar' (Friday Bar) at my university. I decided to play it a little safe with a simple dress and just go big on the hair. I need to get new extensions laik SOON T___T What do you guys think of the braid? First time I have played around with that kind of look ^^

And just some casual rock inspi outfit again ^^ I cannot remember when I wore this... XD But I think it looks pretty cute. (BATMAN LOVE!!)

Yeah... Now I will go to bed XD
Unhappily in love btw XD haha sucks but it is all right. It is part of being young eh?



My life + outfits 8D

Okay, so I wanted to do a little update now I got the time for it! Mostly pictures xD;

Next week I will be starting at Copenhagen University studying Japanese!
So I had to order some books. Amazon said they would arrive the day after my classes start, but they arrived three days ago!

My books 8D (2000 DKR.... Y__Y)

And yeah, did you notice the *RAIN??* Outside my room I got a lovely waterfall XD;
Pretty right? But I also got a little waterfall in my room too... Goddammit D:
But I like a lot of rain... I just wish it would be warm like in Japan though, it was cold to go outside in flipflops D:

Okay and a blog first happening:

Me au natural... Do not know what to say... I got brown hair and glasses? XD

Two days ago I wore this to go down to my grandparents ^^ Just really casual but I think it is pretty cute still ^^
Cardigan: Conomi
T-shirt: Tralala
Shorts: JSG
Usa mimi: JSG
Skull bracelet: Tarina Tarantino
(and then I wore my pink converse with lace on them but they are pretty old and worn XD;)

This is my fathers cat. My grandparents takes care of her. She is pretty old, I think she is around 16 or something. She used to be a cranky old lady and you could not even touch her, but now she actually wants to cuddle just a little sometimes and she even purr!
I think it is because she just is an 'old people cat', and not really the cat for my active dad and owner of a little hyper active miniature dachshund XD
Her name is Pika, and I must admit; she is pretty cute when she wants to cuddle and play around ^^

Outfit today! I felt like trying with a lot of rock inspiration ^^ And trying to do some of the straight hair styles from Ageha, not as big as they do them though xD;
T-shirts: Cecil MacBee
Shorts: JSG
Stockings: Donki
Boots: Random shop in Camden
Acc: H&M, random, Tarina Tarantino and Clarie's.

And I end this post with my dinner! Made too much xD
It is chicken meatballs (tsukune) in a sweet yakitori sauce, edamame beans, yakitori sauce for extra dip and rice ^^

And BTW, due to the retarded comment system will not allow me to reply to single comments I will just write a message here:
If you want larger versions of the pictures, clicking on them should make them larger ^w^


13 aug 2010

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last enrty <3

T-shirt: Cecil MacBee
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Belt: off brand
Necklace: H&M I think

I am really satisfied with my make up today 8D

And just a little shameless promovation because I am very bored:
Formspring Ask me anything <3


12 aug 2010 Outfit and some Genki.

Outfit timez: (and some random stuff + Genki review)

Outfit for hanging out in Shibuya!
The "get your boob poked outfit". Yes a drunk Japanese guy poked my boob and no he was not hot.
Shirts + shorts: JSG
Shoes: from Capri
Star: Claire's
Butterfly + nails: (not really visible) Tokyu Hands

Yesterdays outfit!
I am not happy about my hair, should have curled everything because they are like SUPER straight and my hair got fizzy from the weather D:
But besides that (and the toned down make up because I had to take an ID pic) I'm very happy with this outfit ^^
Shirts: Cecil MacBee
Shorts: JSG
Leggins: Don ki
Shoes: Flag J
Star: Claire's
Today's outfit! A lot of people looked at me (in the good way 8D)
There was even a French guy in Fona who asked be about my bag (not visible) was from a new Chanel collection, and it is just some off brand purse from 109 XDDD
Jacket: from USA, I do not know where
Dress: AC DC
Boots: Bianco
Belt: JSG
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Usamimis: JSG
Okay yesterday night this HUGE SPIDER ran around on my floor D: It took me 10 minutes to get it out T__T But I do not kill animals who have not injured me so I just got it caught under a glass and put it outside ^^
BATMAN SOCKS! Wore them today <3>

Okay so last weekend, Genki was held!
To me the convention seemed pretty well planned compared to other conventions I have been to. There was a lot of events and they were FINDABLE! For the first time in my con life I was able to navigate by myself.
I got a lot of time together with my lovely friends too! Because of the good weather Friday and Saturday we were able to stay outside a lot of the time, that was very nice and gave a new type of freedom and space. People could be very noisy and run around with out disturbing a whole convention.
The cosplay show though, could have been run a little more smoothly. There were some technical problems with some of the acts that just should not have happened and it caused confusion on the stage which was a shame! But it was fun none the less! The right teams won IMO ^^
There was a lot of drama at this convention, but that just made me meet the sweet Bára and because she was so calm I wanted to spend more time with her, so because of drama stress I made a really sweet friend 8D

There were some security problems and they made me feel very insecure because I only had short shorts and a school girl uniform with me, so I was also very grateful to Bára because she walked me to 7/11 and back. I was really scared of going my self but I did not feel like I could ask anybody to join me, so I am very glad she wanted to go with a stranger who only knew her friend!
Nice nice Bára ^W^

It was awesome to cosplay both Miku and Zidane.
I got a lot of compliments for both of the costumes, but I liked being Zidane the most because Zarsu was such a beautiful Dagger! I really hope I can cosplay with her again some day 8D

I am in the process of changing my layout on my blog. I do not know yet how I want it to look so I am going with a simple style right now 8D


Cosplay previews and my lolita dress

Just a picture post before Genki tomorrow ^^

Miku Hatsune :: Vocaloid

Zidane Tribal :: Final Fantasy IX

Angelic Pretty dress, socks and head bow.
Jesus Diamante shoes.
Closet Child ACC.


Suki, Daisuki!

My favourite song right now.

One day I hope I can say daisuki to someone <3

Going to Tama Doubutsu Koen today with Hayes, Helle and Fie.



So yeah, I am in Japan right now.
I love being here ^____^
We spend too much money on Pikura...

And yeah... Just some pics, more can be found on my FaceBook account.

Angelic Pretty dress and Jesus Diamante shoes.
Hime desu~~
You can just see 109-2 where the Mens section is located. I met this really cute Japanese guy.
And I gave him my mail and blog adress. Wonder if he will write me?

Girl in Harajuku.
Disney Land.
Lots of couples on dates. Made me miss a boyfriend (T____T)
I really liked this Donald and Daisy! Green love!
Me and my friend Kristina in Disney Land. She is Bambi and I am Marie.

Tomorrow we will go to Ueno and see a garden and some temples. At night we will go to Tokyo Tower and then Shibuya for clubbing.

Today we went to Shibuya again, to see the cute guy in 109-2 and get some other small things. Me and Hayes went to see the cute guy (yes I am obsessed.) and I ended up going back to him with my mail and blog adress.
BUT! Just now I remembered to write ".blogspot" (T___T)
I am just so useless sometimes.
But then again, as he said, a Dane and a Japanese person would be a strange couple. AND TOO LONG DISTANCE. I hate my life sometimes because he is just perfect.
I hate distance

Tomodachi, aishiteru.

Please bear with my crush on a guy I will never get (T___T)



hehe funny story

No cosplay update like I planned;
Forgot my SD card at home, had to buy a new one thus: no cosplay pics on the SD card I got with me D:

So maybe I'll nick the one I uploaded on Facebook, even though you can not see my lovely bootcovers T___T

Oh well everything is good in Italy 8D
Take care <3


Oh yea I did have a blog right? !PIC HVY!

Okay so I finally got around to update this blog XD
*bad bad*

So, I became a student this year! (21st of June!)
With a final result of 9.4 <3
I'm really proud so let's have some pictures!

Me and my mother + grandparents on my mothers side ^^
Me and my mother. A picture were we both look intelligent XD

After I got my hat, we went to a café and ate a burger. Then we went out to buy me some running shorts and socks.

Friday last week (25th) we had the official good bye ceremony ^^
Tradition said to wear white or red, so I asked my grandmother on my fathers side if I could borrow her kimono! So she found like... 10 of her own I could choose from ^^
And some day she said they will all be mine, I got so honoured I almost cried x'3

Wednesday before the ceremony, first try on ^^

On the day!
Back shot of the beautiful obi tied by my grandmother.
Front shot! I hate what I'm doing with my face right here, but you can see my hair here XD I did a big Ageha inspi hair do, with the white flowers in my hair ^^
I just love big curly hair!

My nails for the ceremony!

After all the official stuff we drowe around to everybody from my class, minus the girl who lives in Copenhagen because it would tale 3 hours to get there.
There were tears, jalapeños and vomit on that trip. Guess who both cleaned up the truck after the 'accident' committed by my 'angry drunk' friend and ate her first jalapeño? Both things I could be without.
I ended up asking Martin's parents for a glass of milk XD; Spicy hot stuff; not my ally.

My 'angry drunk' friend went home about 15:30 and came back at 20:40 or something like that. She then only drank soda, thank god! We drove to Nivå, the second last stop. The wole trip to Nivå I sat together with Amanda under a blanket because it was really cold.
I convinced Simone (the angry drunk) to go home from Nivå instead of Farum (a place really far from were we live) and I tried to get Amanda to join us, because I saw the party turning into a hook up feast and getting high party D:
At first Amanda wanted to go on; fine I got a ride from Simone so I was flying XD
Then moments after the bus drowe off she came back into the garden, really frustrated and sat down at the fire with me and Simone.
Apparently she had gotten herself a sweet spot on the bus with a nice big blanket. Then my class sat down around her saying they would get high right here. Then she got her stuff and got our driver Peter to let her off again XD
So the three of us got home around 00:30 XD
Long day was long.

My life now:
Almost done with Miku! Pictures will be up in next week. I am around 60% done with Zidane. So I think I will be done with both of my cosplays in time ^^

Random picture, messy room is clean now but not in this picture. My favourite summer cord; you'll see this cord around a lot of times during the summer XD (And a little view of the new hair style I am doing, read more below)
And I am trying something new with my hair, inspired by Yui Kanno.
I am curling my bangs to the side and curling my ends inwards ^^
This is a picture from one of my first attempts, I am much better now IMO XD
What do you guys think? Should I stay with this style or get straight bangs again?

Tomorrow I am going to Jutland to see my dad, will be staying there till Monday where I will go to my grandparents to attend my oldest cousin Augusta's confirmation Tuesday ^^

Take care!


Update; cosplay and outfit. + everyday life

So today I had an exam in my media class.
I got an A! I am really proud. I was very very nervous but I did great. My teacher and censor said that if they could have given me an higher grade they would!

So that put me on cloud nine!

Oh remember? Once I promised some cosplay update? XD
Got my ass in gear and here it is!

The fabric I orderd for Zidane, minus the pants fabric. It came the day after, but I almost looks like the grey all the way to the right, maybe a little more 'blue' but not much.
I am going to use a grey for the gloves and the bootcovers. I could not find a good colour for that stuff, so I am just going to go with a grey. I need to find some grey gloves for the cosplay, the fabric is too stiff to sow gloves in D:
The fabric is a little more rough than I thought, but I think it kinda fits the whole FFIX universe with the clothes for a worrior being a little rough made ^^

Here is the finished result of my Miku headset, or almost. I need to do the little mic thingy, but then I am done. I made it out of an old hair band and some fun foam xD
I also did the hair cpils, I am stil struggeling with getting them to fit though. But it will come. (And then I found out the little fuckers changed the headpset design in Project Diva to something really complicated. Oh well XD)
Front view, the wig looks a little retarded here, but oh well I think it is the angle XD

Now to something not cosplay related!
Summer is the time for my favorite drink; Rebena with blackbarries! nom nom nom!

Then around a week ago I dressed up in gal! I had to go with my Japanese study group and after that serving a party for my mother and stepfather. Both things really fun and I got compliments for my outfit!

Full body! I still need to tone my theights a little for Zidane though XD

Make up ^^

And then this weekend, I went to KataPuls and saw the Lillith. They were really good!
I also met up with Kami and got my blue lenses!
From some distance, and I just generally like this shot XD

Up close ^^
They enlarge my eyes much more than my green ones, eventhough they are smaller! The blue is not like BLUEEEE but more of a natural dark greyish blue. I am going to use them for Zidane too, I think they got just the right shade for him, because he does not have Tidus blue eyes, more of a cloudy dark blue I think XD

Oh well... Better get back to my notes and then to sleep XD