So yeah, I am in Japan right now.
I love being here ^____^
We spend too much money on Pikura...

And yeah... Just some pics, more can be found on my FaceBook account.

Angelic Pretty dress and Jesus Diamante shoes.
Hime desu~~
You can just see 109-2 where the Mens section is located. I met this really cute Japanese guy.
And I gave him my mail and blog adress. Wonder if he will write me?

Girl in Harajuku.
Disney Land.
Lots of couples on dates. Made me miss a boyfriend (T____T)
I really liked this Donald and Daisy! Green love!
Me and my friend Kristina in Disney Land. She is Bambi and I am Marie.

Tomorrow we will go to Ueno and see a garden and some temples. At night we will go to Tokyo Tower and then Shibuya for clubbing.

Today we went to Shibuya again, to see the cute guy in 109-2 and get some other small things. Me and Hayes went to see the cute guy (yes I am obsessed.) and I ended up going back to him with my mail and blog adress.
BUT! Just now I remembered to write ".blogspot" (T___T)
I am just so useless sometimes.
But then again, as he said, a Dane and a Japanese person would be a strange couple. AND TOO LONG DISTANCE. I hate my life sometimes because he is just perfect.
I hate distance

Tomodachi, aishiteru.

Please bear with my crush on a guy I will never get (T___T)


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  1. Can't wait to see you in that outfit ;A; Sooo girly!

    It looks like you guys are having SO much fun! :D
    Those Marie ears are SO over the top *Q* <3