REVIEW: Eyemazing No. 002

First impressions:
Seeing as I -really- wanted a pair of lashes in this style, I got really excited when I got these (forever ago).
The box was nice, nothing out of the ordinary, and the lashes looked fine. A bit on the really thick side IRL but I was too pumped to notice that at first.

- And a little side note here: When I opened the box I discovered that the pair had each own little holder. Quite a nifty little detail, seeing as the tray style lash boxes require you to go get a lash case unless you want to carry around 4 extra pairs with all of your makeup.

As usual click for a larger image

They are a little too thick for my taste when applied. I do not like how the transition from my lid to my lash (the inner corner) is SO harsh. Funny enough it is not that visible in my pictures, but boy if they are not placed right, they are a pain to look at irl. They open the eye a fair bit, and if you want a really dramatic look, these lashes will probably be really good. BUT! They are also quite heavy on the eye because they are so thick.

This part is why the review was so delayed! (That and cosplay+finals, seesh) They are compared to clear band lashes (which I prefer to use) really hard to apply. They are stiff and you have to fiddle around with them quite a bit to make them bend enough. They also have a really bad tendency to 'flip out' in the edges, so I would recommend you pay attention to the outer edges when applying glue - and also use a good glue, otherwise they will fly right off.

Over all:
They are really pretty, if you know how to use them. It is not something that looks good right out of the box like the Diamond Fairy eye did, but after they have been bent and used a couple of times they look better and fit a lot easier to the eye. I would not recommend them for people new to the whole lash thing, but if you a experienced user and want a dramatic look, I am sure you will like these.  


To Live and Love.

So, in between my hard study regime I now take some time out of my sleep hours to blog a little. (For those of you interested; I have my final oral exam Thursday at 11:30, and yes, I am nervous as hell.)

Since the last time I blogged, not THAT much happened, but I shall try to make a little recap.

This is what I wore for the last day of class this semester. The skirt is another thing I got from my grandmother, and it is a nice way for me to remember her when wearing some of her old things. 
She passed away in March, but I am starting to get settled with the thought and feeling comfortable to share it now.

I will also be making a review of my new lenses I am wearing in the picture, so look forward to that~ 8D

 Soon after Kami came over and I decided to dress a little up inspired by a tutorial I found on le Youtube.

We also went to her mothers place to eat some days later, where I also tried something new with my hair, but I will just post pictures of that on my Tumblr (aka if you want to see them, follow me maybe? *shameless self promotion)

Then it was time for me to eat with my father and his wife before they moved back to Japan for good.

It was really hard to let him go again, seeing as now we cannot really text or anything, but at least I get to see him in September, so it is not all bad.

The following day Kami came and just kept me company so I could be full of emotions and get them out. We also redid my hair colours so I now have pretty hair again.

And so this week begun. With shitty weather. And thus my hair decided to fuck up... When I had to go out cosplay shopping (the only thing I spend money on now, saving up for major wardrobe renewal in Japan though).

BUT! Bad weather does not stop a cosplayer from having pretty hair 8D So I slapped on my Meiko wig and a lot darker makeup than I use to (semi practice for something).
Did I mention I AM a highly elegant and mature lady?

And so this weekend begins.
Friday I had my ONE YEAR anniversary with Kami! I honestly do not comprehend how one year have gone by so fast. But on the other hand, I cannot really remember how life was before we started dating. I guess I just feel so comfortable around her, so she has become a kinda natural factor in my life.
After exchanging gifts (I got some kick ass shoes I will show in my next everyday life entry, but let me tell you this: they rock) we went downtown and ate some Chinese food, and then Kami did some shopping (I only buy food haha), and we just went home to relax.

Originally we wanted to go to the Zoo or in Tivoli but seeing the Danish summer decided to be autumn instead we went to the Aquarium of Denmark.

It has been years since I went there, and I really like looking at fish, so I was really happy Kami wanted to go there too. (Or I like watching animals in general actually.)
- and kindly observe the excited father and child almost flying.

Meet Moe-kun #1 and #2, the Desuest of them all.

 UBUBU tiny feet thingy!

 And I shall leave you with an amazing shot of my girlfriend and a proof of how craptastic my hair behaves right now. I love you darling~!

And next up will be some reviews hopefully! I might do a sidepage thingy so you can see what to expect besides my life posts.