Why do we fall Bruce?

Back in Denmark again! God it is good to be home (with my dog and my girl).
I might post some pictures from our trip here, but I am not quite sure seeing as it is mostly just pictures of the stuff we saw. But I guess throwing some of me and my sister up here could be fun. Oh well, lets see what I find time to do 8D

I arrived home late Monday night, and first thing Tuesday morning I went to my very own Private Rogers' place, just some casual hanging teaching her something new to do online and improvising pasta and meatballs (we rock in a kitchen btw). 
Nothing much to say about outfit, hair and make up. Just threw something from London on, my long hair and some lashes 8D;

This was taken by Kami fiddling around with my camera, forgot to mention how charming I am any time any place.

Friday I went to the thriving town of Hillerød again to attend a birthday party for the dear Zuum. With cake, party and some drunkness. It was quite fun 8D
But I was a little distracted seeing as at 5 the next day, I was going to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

 Oh dear lord, I have so many feels about this movie, I just cannot.... It was just pain out amazing! Solid handy work, great dialogue and so many touching moments. I even cried. And I never cry to movies, or maybe a single tear, but nothing like the rivers which came from my eyes. I am a very pleased Bat-fan.

I had to dress up properly, and it felt quite funny being THIS girly. The dress is new from a really cute shop out in the country side with a serious 40-50 theme going on.

 And I had to do my nails as well! A big thank you to Kami for helping me get proper pictures of them 8D (They have grown quite long now... Well except the one I busted just before going to England.)

 This weekend I also got a new computer, so I will be able to do school work and blog while being in Japan 8D It is quite large but really light. And my little sister (who has the same, fufufu) says I can play Batman Arkham Asylum on it, so I am a happy camper.

 Yes, I am one of the rare creatures that reads the instruction manual as my dear camerawoman pointed out.

Next up will probably be a review of some sorts... I have like three just waiting to get posted 8D;


Graduation, sushi and sloths.

SOOOO It has been a while, woops. (Insert explanation of exams, cosplay and laziness)

These past weeks has not been THAT eventful or so I thought. But getting on with it. This will be mostly pictures because it has been a while between the pictures.

Burgers with my family at the local diner, nom!

And because I do not have classes anymore, I now have time for running 8D And that means I have to snack a little before I go out, because my body burns energy like a crazy squirrel on speed. This is my kawaii face eating a Knoppers before going running. 

In the end of every semester there is an exam, sad but true. I spend a lot of time studying for this one, and thus not much blogging happened boo boo. BUT I got a REALLY good grade (10, translated as a B but is more like an A here in Denmark, our conversion is quite stupid.)

And ofc I had to dress up for that 8D (The shirt and belt is stuff I got from my grandmother, I feel so hipster.)

And look at my pretty boots I got from my pretty girl! I love them waaay to much fufufu

And I tried to take a picture with Tanne, she did not feel like it at all. Boo boo :C

My classmate Malte meeting Sid from Ice Age on the way home form our exam... Only in Amager....

With my free time I got some time to dress up, when my lovely girl came to sow cosplay with me 8D

Taking baby steps towards using bottom lashes here. 

Some of you might know my mother had been in Japan for quite a while. I got A LOT of lashes from her when she came home, and I also got some from my dad before he left. I really wanted to use them all, and I got a chance to try my Dolly Wink no. 1 when I went for sushi with my cousin Nick from USA 8D And my cord for that day was really casual oraora ish, not much to show off.

And all of my food (and bear)! I ate for around 500 DKR(=85 USD), and it was all so darn tasty! Nick ordered a menu meant for two persons, but he still managed to eat most of it... Holy... Oh well
 MORE SUSHI?? Yes, my stepfater took me out to eat sushi with my stepsisters some time back (around where we ate burgers too maybe?) Nom nom nom - yes I love tuna.

 And this is from my stepsister Mette's graduation dinner. She just finished high school last week, and she wanted a big dinner with all of her parents and siblings together. It was a really fun night and my food was really REALLY tasty.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a little less than two weeks in England where we will be driving around the country. I cannot wait to see Barth, Oxford and well durh to shop in London! I hope to take loads of pictures for both my blog here and on Tumblr 8D

Take care and enjoy the summer, I shall go walk my dad's dog now.