BLENDA, November 2012; Style Inspiration Post!

For the first time I brought an issue of Blenda, and god I am glad I did so! So many of their coordinates really fit my current taste, so I will draw a lot of inspiration form here in the future.

As you can see I am really falling for the knit trend, seeing as I cannot really keep warm by myself I will need a little help.
Please let me know if you want me to continue this more 'fashion blogger' style too! I quite enjoyed making these small collages of stuff I like.


Birthday(s), ice cream, cake, food?

Long time no normal blogging! So much stuff happened I needed to take my time and think about how to write properly about it.

For my birthday, we went out to a place near Toyoda station and got Yakitori (fried chicken in all sorts) on my request. It was all so good, and every dish was like 300 yen.

After dinner we stopped by the local supermarket Seiyu and got some ice cream! Zack also got some ice cream hearts and stars, they were chou cute!

Cheris and John documenting his personal blend of green tea ice and something else. //More about Cheris later btw!

Beautiful people and ice cream excitement.
Later that night, actually when I was about to go to bed, somebody turned off ALL the lights, and I was so confused, until they carried in a cake and began to sing Happy Birthday for me! I was so touched by it. I really thought I would celebrate my 21st birthday without any cake and candles, but people at the dorm actually got me a cake, I am still so touched!

Le nomz cake. The really orange one is pumpkin flavor. They were both chou oishii!

Outfit time! Going to Harajuku with Cheris and shopping for my birthday money! (You can see all my gets so far here)

After a LONG day of shopping (and for poor Cheris also school), we went to a local fast food place called Sukiya. They sell Japanese style fast food, and it is SO good.
And speaking of Cheris, she got a blog that she updates quite a lot about life in Japan! You should all go check it out HERE!! Go go go! And get a feel of the BS Japanese we make up... 

Outfit for shopping in Ginza. Pretty fun, but ended up splitting from them and going to Harajuku. So much more my place xD

In October Matt G. also had his birthday! So one our senpais made a chocolate cake for him, in a very... interesting shape. But it was really good though!

Speaking of cakes! The amazing Cheris made Apple Crumble, and it was the first time I tried that! It was soooo good. I am so making her make more, even though apples are so expensive over here. But still they are sooooo good too... Darn. Food feelz.

Speaking of food! 
I am ending this entry with just a collection of my lunch the past days. Commence food p0rn.

Everybody take care of yourself! (maybe I should make a signature too? I have just rediscovered the joy of photoshop)


REVIEW: Beautylabo "Furifuri" Whip Hair Colour; Candy Pink

For AGES I have been wanting to dye my hair, and now I finally got around to do so! I really wanted to try red this time around. I did for a very short period two years ago try to have a purple ish red, but at the time I really wanted a light brown, and just took the wrong bottle of hair dye when I was in a hurry. I felt I just looked WAY too much like my mother (who dyes her hair red), but this time I really wanted to try a red on me, looking like my mother or not. I wanted to go a lighter colour and I really did not feel like having brown hair, when I am in the land that makes hair dye geared to dark hair, thus I tried red. (Because blonde would look horribad on me)

Despite it being named candy pink, none of the colours really look THAT candy pink :X - which is good because I am so not getting pink hair all over.

Content shot! And can I just dote a little over how cute and girly it all is? And how amazing quality the gloves are! Having fitting gloves while you dye your own hair is amazing!!
- and yes, I got two bottles because I have so thick hair. I did have a lot left, but then again, it is nicer to have too much than too little.

When it is all fluffed up! It starts out as this really light brownish colour, then changes to really pink, then purple and finally a beautiful crimson red. 

 Hair before dyeing.

While waiting for the dye to settle.
And here, while you can dote on my beautiful face, I will talk a little about THE APPLICATION PROCESS.
It was really easy, and if you paid just the slightest attention (which I ofc did not) I am quite sure you can use this dye on your self without making a mess. The foam is not a bit runny and after you have foamed up your hair, you can make sure every strand is covered by dye, just by ruffling everything around like a normal shampoo. And after 30 minutes you rinse (two times shampoo, one time conditioner according to the instructions), and then done! - and you can apply the after colour treatment after your shower too, it is a leave in deal.

How it looks with my curls out and all! (the one on the right is straight after it dried).

Close up comparison! As you can see, the colour is not ZOMG RED, but more like a brownish red, because my hair started out that dark. But I am quite pleased with the colour because I did not want to go really light red, sticking to the darker colours yes.

And now commence the random selca to show off the colour on straight hair.


Showing the goods!

As the title states, almost everything I brought/got here in Japan.
Made into a read more post because it is so long.

- so inspired by Lizzie to do some banner things! Probably only going to do them over a cut though...


Harajuku, Saitama, Shibuya.

So on my birthday, what better thing to do than update my blog? 8D;
Sorry it has taken so long, I have been so busy with uni work an sleeping lol.

I will make a master post of my shopping soon, might get around to take the pictures tomorrow.

Two weeks ago we went to Harajuku!

Super amazing fun timez, and I got myself a costume for Halloween too, I cannot wait!

Our dinner, it was SO good to get pizza. I really miss pizza :C

And this is a REALLY good ice cream from an ice cream vending machine. I love buying them... (Yeah Imma getting round as a ball before Im going home)

Last weekend I went to my fathers house in Saitama, and me and my stepmother went to the cafe where my dad works, and we got this really good lunch!  

And see that cheese cake in the background? Yeah, that was for free. HELL YEA
My father works at a vegetarian restaurant, and the food there is really good!
- speaking of free stuff, we also got a plate of beef for free at the yakiniku place we ate. NOM NOM NOMS

How I looked that day. A typhoon was coming so I did not feel like straightening my hair or anything. And same goes for make up, just casual.

Meet Noa! My stepmothers new little dog. She is so so so cute, even though she is a little strange.

Last week I went to Shibuya with Tabea, and it was so funny! Bought waaay too much. But I will show you that later... I'm lazy now... XD

That's it for now, go to my Youtube if you want to see videos from my trip!!