Birthday(s), ice cream, cake, food?

Long time no normal blogging! So much stuff happened I needed to take my time and think about how to write properly about it.

For my birthday, we went out to a place near Toyoda station and got Yakitori (fried chicken in all sorts) on my request. It was all so good, and every dish was like 300 yen.

After dinner we stopped by the local supermarket Seiyu and got some ice cream! Zack also got some ice cream hearts and stars, they were chou cute!

Cheris and John documenting his personal blend of green tea ice and something else. //More about Cheris later btw!

Beautiful people and ice cream excitement.
Later that night, actually when I was about to go to bed, somebody turned off ALL the lights, and I was so confused, until they carried in a cake and began to sing Happy Birthday for me! I was so touched by it. I really thought I would celebrate my 21st birthday without any cake and candles, but people at the dorm actually got me a cake, I am still so touched!

Le nomz cake. The really orange one is pumpkin flavor. They were both chou oishii!

Outfit time! Going to Harajuku with Cheris and shopping for my birthday money! (You can see all my gets so far here)

After a LONG day of shopping (and for poor Cheris also school), we went to a local fast food place called Sukiya. They sell Japanese style fast food, and it is SO good.
And speaking of Cheris, she got a blog that she updates quite a lot about life in Japan! You should all go check it out HERE!! Go go go! And get a feel of the BS Japanese we make up... 

Outfit for shopping in Ginza. Pretty fun, but ended up splitting from them and going to Harajuku. So much more my place xD

In October Matt G. also had his birthday! So one our senpais made a chocolate cake for him, in a very... interesting shape. But it was really good though!

Speaking of cakes! The amazing Cheris made Apple Crumble, and it was the first time I tried that! It was soooo good. I am so making her make more, even though apples are so expensive over here. But still they are sooooo good too... Darn. Food feelz.

Speaking of food! 
I am ending this entry with just a collection of my lunch the past days. Commence food p0rn.

Everybody take care of yourself! (maybe I should make a signature too? I have just rediscovered the joy of photoshop)

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