Harajuku, Saitama, Shibuya.

So on my birthday, what better thing to do than update my blog? 8D;
Sorry it has taken so long, I have been so busy with uni work an sleeping lol.

I will make a master post of my shopping soon, might get around to take the pictures tomorrow.

Two weeks ago we went to Harajuku!

Super amazing fun timez, and I got myself a costume for Halloween too, I cannot wait!

Our dinner, it was SO good to get pizza. I really miss pizza :C

And this is a REALLY good ice cream from an ice cream vending machine. I love buying them... (Yeah Imma getting round as a ball before Im going home)

Last weekend I went to my fathers house in Saitama, and me and my stepmother went to the cafe where my dad works, and we got this really good lunch!  

And see that cheese cake in the background? Yeah, that was for free. HELL YEA
My father works at a vegetarian restaurant, and the food there is really good!
- speaking of free stuff, we also got a plate of beef for free at the yakiniku place we ate. NOM NOM NOMS

How I looked that day. A typhoon was coming so I did not feel like straightening my hair or anything. And same goes for make up, just casual.

Meet Noa! My stepmothers new little dog. She is so so so cute, even though she is a little strange.

Last week I went to Shibuya with Tabea, and it was so funny! Bought waaay too much. But I will show you that later... I'm lazy now... XD

That's it for now, go to my Youtube if you want to see videos from my trip!!

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  1. Omg the pup is so cute! AND THE PIZZA LOOKS SO GOOD T_T I haven't had pizza since I left Denmark.. needless to say I would kill a hobo for a pizza right now. A REAL pizza. T_T /sobs

  2. wooah how cool! I want to see Tokyo with friends as well :3 Harajuku looks so lively *.*