First week in Japan!

I have just finished my first week in Japan! It kinda feels like more time have gone by... Maybe because I did so much?

The second day I arrived I went to Tama center, and I made a little video about it that you can see here!

Le noms I had at Tama center. Finally I can have Iced chocolate again! oh joy.

The day after I had to go to orientation, perfect moment to look nice!

And lunch at Chuo, Soy Ramen! This is my favorite flavor of Ramen, and it is just the basic of flavors... but it is SO good.

In the night me and a bunch of other exchange students went to Tachikawa station to hang out. That was pretty funny and the city is quite surreal seeing as most places have a two level pavement!

Dinner at an Izakaya. 

The day after we had a test to place us after our Japanese skills. Tomorrow I get the result and I am really nervous about that :C Oh well, it went as it went I guess.
So after the test we went back to Tachigawa again to do some more partying.

We ended up splitting into two groups because we were so many. So some of us went to a karaoke bar for an hours worth of all you can drink. It was a really fun time, and I hope to do it again soon! (lolitwasmyfirsttimegoingtoakaraokebar)

This weekend was a long one, because monday (today) is respect for the aged day. Saturday I decided to go to Shinjuku by my self and look for some more shorts, because I have brought waaaaay too warm cloths with me :C
I found some from ANAP in Studio Alta, and I will go back there for sure, because the staff was just so nice and they had quite an interesting mix of stores there.

And lastly, I have so many Tiger and Bunny fangirl feels right now, my kokoro, my poor poor kokoro.

 But this is it for the first week in Japan, friday next week we will start with classes for realz, I am a little nervous... But it is gonna be so much fun though!


2 kommentarer:

  1. I love your vlogs <3'

    And don't worry about your test! You're such a clever girl, you'll do fine!

    It sounds like you're having such a good time. Can't wait to see more updates!

  2. I am so extremely Japan homesick right now ;_; I lived there for a year and it's really hard to come back home ._. Hope you enjoy your time!!