Changes and love in the air.

Okay, so lately I have been stressed out over my cosplays, and really not had any time to edit and write here. Boo (but my cosplay blog is more hungry for activity... LATER)

I have coloured my hair dark again. I just hated how much work the two tone required and it hurt quite a bit with the bleach. And seeing as I go to Japan soon, something more natural will be preferable.
And the picture is from the start of this month were I went out to do some fabric shopping. Tried out a 'fake' rat tail style that makes it look like I have SO much longer hair that I actually do. (and that day I spend 6 hours getting the last things I needed)

On a day to day basis I pretty much just sow, chill with le Tanne and practice my kanji. Oh lord it takes forever... and is so boring, but it must be done. And it is fun when I can actually use them while reading and translating blogs... But learning them, no not fun. Not at all.

And a lot of days with out dressing up came and went. Untill my Kami love stopped working and had some days before school started.

 So getting all pretty and done up I went to stay at her place for 5 days! (and please notice the much more pretty pictures. Got myself a Canon EOS 600D)

Breakfast one of the days. My lovergirl wanted american style, so we went all the way. Getting super hungry by seeing this... XD (can't remember when we got this, but had it laying on my computer so it got in here lol)

One of the days we decided to go to a theme park called BonbonLand. It took around an hour to get there by car, but it was well worth it! We had such an amazing fun time~ Kami also recorded some video clips that may or may not be uploaded somewhere... But after a convention I will give her a little time to breathe and make a con video before I bug her about this one. I am a perfect girlfriend desu.

Just as you entered BonbonLand they had this indoor thing with some different 'worlds' that you could explore. I loved the Christmas land, it was SO beautiful! - but 'China' woah, hello quite offensive stereotypes XD

 Our lunch at BonbonLand, healthy as always~

 And just leaving you with this~ Yes I am a girl like that, but seriously, I am so happy with her I cannot contain it <3 p="p">- lastly sorry for the lack of outfits. None of the pictures of that turned out good and I kinda forgot it a lot of times... Promise some outfits next entry! (hopefully)

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  1. Your new haircolor is super pretty:) And you have a cute dog^^