REVIEW: Beautylabo "Furifuri" Whip Hair Colour; Candy Pink

For AGES I have been wanting to dye my hair, and now I finally got around to do so! I really wanted to try red this time around. I did for a very short period two years ago try to have a purple ish red, but at the time I really wanted a light brown, and just took the wrong bottle of hair dye when I was in a hurry. I felt I just looked WAY too much like my mother (who dyes her hair red), but this time I really wanted to try a red on me, looking like my mother or not. I wanted to go a lighter colour and I really did not feel like having brown hair, when I am in the land that makes hair dye geared to dark hair, thus I tried red. (Because blonde would look horribad on me)

Despite it being named candy pink, none of the colours really look THAT candy pink :X - which is good because I am so not getting pink hair all over.

Content shot! And can I just dote a little over how cute and girly it all is? And how amazing quality the gloves are! Having fitting gloves while you dye your own hair is amazing!!
- and yes, I got two bottles because I have so thick hair. I did have a lot left, but then again, it is nicer to have too much than too little.

When it is all fluffed up! It starts out as this really light brownish colour, then changes to really pink, then purple and finally a beautiful crimson red. 

 Hair before dyeing.

While waiting for the dye to settle.
And here, while you can dote on my beautiful face, I will talk a little about THE APPLICATION PROCESS.
It was really easy, and if you paid just the slightest attention (which I ofc did not) I am quite sure you can use this dye on your self without making a mess. The foam is not a bit runny and after you have foamed up your hair, you can make sure every strand is covered by dye, just by ruffling everything around like a normal shampoo. And after 30 minutes you rinse (two times shampoo, one time conditioner according to the instructions), and then done! - and you can apply the after colour treatment after your shower too, it is a leave in deal.

How it looks with my curls out and all! (the one on the right is straight after it dried).

Close up comparison! As you can see, the colour is not ZOMG RED, but more like a brownish red, because my hair started out that dark. But I am quite pleased with the colour because I did not want to go really light red, sticking to the darker colours yes.

And now commence the random selca to show off the colour on straight hair.

6 kommentarer:

  1. i think the new colour look great on you :)

  2. the foam dye looks very cute :3
    I really like the colour on you ^.^ it suits you very much, because of your eye-colour!


  3. Looks really good on you BBQ <3

  4. was looking around for reviews for the beautylabo dye while in the store and found your blog. you look awesome in red hair! i ended up getting the same color(: thank you