Showing the goods!

As the title states, almost everything I brought/got here in Japan.
Made into a read more post because it is so long.

- so inspired by Lizzie to do some banner things! Probably only going to do them over a cut though...

 INGNI tanktop.

INGNI cross knit.

 SHORTY Kiss Me top.

 Sky Bomber long shirt and tank top.

 Three pairs of AimerFeel underwear that you will not get to see because I do not show my underwear online x3

Cross necklace

Black thigh high socks. 

 Crazy Angel skull cardigan with adjustable sleeves. A gift from my father and stepmother.

SPRAY Premium Bat shirt.

Black pleather skirt. A gift from my father and stepmother.

BatGirl t-shirt.

Sky Bomber t-shirt.

Lazy Daisy shirt.

Off brand stud shoes. A gift from my father and stepmother.

ACDC Rag bone leggings.

 Silver backpack with rhinestones and studs.

Park Girl jeggins.

ANAP black shorts.

Anne Basket shirt. A gift from my father and stepmother.

Fox tail (fake) and a Morckingjay key chain I got from my baby lover~

Tsutsumi pink sapphire earrings and necklace. A gift from my father and stepmother.

Eyelashes, Candy Doll lipstick, Canmake foundation.

 d.i.a. hand mirror from Egg, Canmake nail polish, HEAVEN and EARTH earrings.

And I got some gifts from the other Japanese students at my dorm last weekend. It was WAAY too nice of them! 

Batman cup, Castella cake, Tiger and Bunny figure, candy.

 And lastly a little sneak peak of what I am drawing right now. I just finished this one (Aiko) and I am now working on another one of another OC in the same style.

3 kommentarer:

  1. you bought so much stuff ´til now xD
    amazing!!! i have to go shopping again soon...i have no coord. ideas anymore hahaha
    i like ur new blog layout :) <3
    have to change my one as well soon...it´s so old T__T

  2. The Batgirl T-shirt is amazing * v *

  3. GIRL!
    I want it all, I don't even. But I some serious feels about the backpack, nom nom nom! <3