Update; cosplay and outfit. + everyday life

So today I had an exam in my media class.
I got an A! I am really proud. I was very very nervous but I did great. My teacher and censor said that if they could have given me an higher grade they would!

So that put me on cloud nine!

Oh remember? Once I promised some cosplay update? XD
Got my ass in gear and here it is!

The fabric I orderd for Zidane, minus the pants fabric. It came the day after, but I almost looks like the grey all the way to the right, maybe a little more 'blue' but not much.
I am going to use a grey for the gloves and the bootcovers. I could not find a good colour for that stuff, so I am just going to go with a grey. I need to find some grey gloves for the cosplay, the fabric is too stiff to sow gloves in D:
The fabric is a little more rough than I thought, but I think it kinda fits the whole FFIX universe with the clothes for a worrior being a little rough made ^^

Here is the finished result of my Miku headset, or almost. I need to do the little mic thingy, but then I am done. I made it out of an old hair band and some fun foam xD
I also did the hair cpils, I am stil struggeling with getting them to fit though. But it will come. (And then I found out the little fuckers changed the headpset design in Project Diva to something really complicated. Oh well XD)
Front view, the wig looks a little retarded here, but oh well I think it is the angle XD

Now to something not cosplay related!
Summer is the time for my favorite drink; Rebena with blackbarries! nom nom nom!

Then around a week ago I dressed up in gal! I had to go with my Japanese study group and after that serving a party for my mother and stepfather. Both things really fun and I got compliments for my outfit!

Full body! I still need to tone my theights a little for Zidane though XD

Make up ^^

And then this weekend, I went to KataPuls and saw the Lillith. They were really good!
I also met up with Kami and got my blue lenses!
From some distance, and I just generally like this shot XD

Up close ^^
They enlarge my eyes much more than my green ones, eventhough they are smaller! The blue is not like BLUEEEE but more of a natural dark greyish blue. I am going to use them for Zidane too, I think they got just the right shade for him, because he does not have Tidus blue eyes, more of a cloudy dark blue I think XD

Oh well... Better get back to my notes and then to sleep XD


3 kommentarer:

  1. Aww hvor er du sød og pæn *-* elsker dit outfit, specielt håret! Envy, haha. Dine circle lenses klæder dig rigtig godt - de ser rigtig naturlige ud, ja :3

  2. Congratz yet again ^O^ You're doing SO great in school!

    Ohhhhhh, I'm SO excited about our FFIX cosplay >o< Those lenses look perfect for Tidus!
    Once I get vacation next week I'll start working on my cosplay too!!

    Woaaah, your Miku cosplay already looks awesome Ö

    Love your outfit. You're so pretty! And give me your amazing legs, k thnx bai ;_;

  3. Fuuuck, I love the angle on the "make up" shot haha! It's so fun and dynamic 8D

    Can't wait to see both cosplays' developments :D