The randomz

Oh well today I orderd some new fabric for the Zidane cosplay I'm doing. The old stuff shrunk D:
So I orderd on the net this time because I just can't find time to go ti CPH for cosplay shopping atm..
I'm really really considering going to hear the Lillith play this Saturday... I think I might need some 'clean' air and seeing my friends too.
Anybody else going?
(Yeah and I really want to dress up and actually go out of the house and not worring 24/7 about exams)

derp derp... more updates to come when I feel like it XD

(and oh mi gosh, can't wait to shop for make up in Japan <3)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I've been thinking of going to hear the Lilith too ^^

  2. Good luck with the cosplay <3 ;w;

    I REALLY want to hear Lillith as well, but I HAVE to do some more readings.. >___> If I get a low grate, I'll hate myself for slooping off. But It sounds like a really good idar! ^__^ I think you should go <3

    UUH you lucky you! ;A; I want to go to Japan as well.. ;A;