Little Boy Blue with the DIY shirt and pants.

Most of this week was spend on doing some uni related assignments and finishing my application, which I will turn in tomorrow! I am really excited!
But because of this, I have not really been out and doing a lot that would be fun to show...
Well I did go to a party last Friday 8D (where I do not have any pictures from..)

My outfit from the night. I had no idea how fancy or not the party was, so I just dressed really casual leaving most of the focus to my hair and new pants.
And I got inspired by the lovely tumblr Sukebans for a ora ora vibe (not sure if visible, but hey, at least I tried)

And besides this I can only show you some DIY stuff I have been making.

 This shirt was because I wanted an oversize shirt and saw a cute cord once with a cross like this 8D
I hope to use it tomorrow~ (and I got the shirt second hand, all of the money saved)


On the left there are some progress shots. I used black fabric paint, a brush and a sponge for the faded stripes. And otherwise I just padded the paint on, again not to get a too harsh black line. The stars was made by padding paint on a star cutout I did with some paper.
I am really pleased with them I must say 8D

Sorry for such a 'plain' entry, but deadlines have taken most of my time D:

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  1. such a great outfit and it suits you so well, dear :)
    you look so freakin cute! :))
    and i love that diy thingy. it's such a good idea to make
    a studded cross onto that pocket.
    in btw your blog is amazing and I started to follow you.
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well :))