Feeling the Hunger?

So, lazy Sunday night before you have to go to Jutland, what better time than to blog?

This weekend I spend with Kami, surprise surprise. 
It was  nice to just chill, because these past weeks has been a little hard on me. This week I went to the hospital three times to get some tests done, because I am hopefully going to study in Japan the next semester!! So it is worth it, even though it is stressful and annoying. 

But back to my lover girl.

I got her an Easter egg, that I am sure she will blog about, and then she got me one too! I really love Easter eggs with a passion, so I got so touched when she wrote she had gotten me one ;w;!

And it was so tasty! Nom!

Most of the weekend, we played Catherine. It was a pretty fun game, and I turned out to be really good at the puzzle parts. Shimmy shimmy, pushy pully.. I quite enjoyed the game and I am probably going to get it when I get a PS3, because the puzzles made me relax (most of the time). 
And we got the good ending btw, every thing was pretty and amazing. (But the cut scenes was TOO LONG)

We also went to see The Hunger Games yesterday. So taking turns to play Catherine, we got ourselves ready. I went with a Katniss inspired braid because I could.

AND!! I had my lenses in for around 4 hours, so it turned out it was just my solution my eyes had a beef with. (Sorry for the red eyes, still have a lingering cold and I am a little allergic to cats I think).

 All of the red faces 8//D Playing too much Catherine yes?~
 Dinner before the movie. First time I ever brought a pita bread with stuff in it - and it was pretty darn tasty 8D

And ofc I got popcorn for the film. I cannot go to the movies without popcorn. And Girlfriend approves.

For the Easter holiday I am going to see my Grandfather in Jutland with my mom and Tanne, then a birthday Friday and hopefully a whole lot of Kami after that, yes this will be good.

Take good care of yourselves, and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Yes I went there)

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  1. Your hair is fancy lah! Love it! : D you guys look super cute! ^__^)/ I'm still not convinced to watch Hunger Games.. >_> I refuse to feed the crave of the masses. -rebels-

  2. Ohhh, I hope you get to study in Japan!! c:

    And Catherine is such an underrated game here in Denmark! It's gorgeous and awesome c: