Warm days.

Today was a really nice an warm day! 
So I couldn't help myself and snapped some pictures on Tanne while we were out <3

My pretty babu <3333

Otherwise, my days are pretty boring.

This is our big lecture hall where we have a very big class once ever second week, and I am usually bored out of my mind. (Taught Ida to use Tumblr in the break though)

And this is my usual school survival kit when we have translation class. Coffee mixed with chocolate and a sandwich stuffed with veggies and some Serrano ham, nom nom.

And just to underline I am not a healthy eating person: My dinner from last night. Beef and french-fries with soya and a glass of milk. I only eat this when I am home alone and tired as hell xD;

I also visit my grandparents a couple of times a month. Their dog Skipper (Captain roughly translated) is really cute, but also REALLY wild, so you get really tired after a hour of play with him.

 Outfits from the past days. I have lately fallen for the more rock inspired gyaru style (well on the way to transition to the more Ora Ora kei ish, I just love looking bamf okay?)
And the hairstyle I have in the last picture, haha never again, I felt like I was 14 again :C

 MY BABUUUUUUU. Seriously she was so cute today, I dun even. Best thing about being home alone: I get to goof around with her all day~

- btw, I am gonna change my layout soon hopefully into something more rough ish. I feel like it is time for a change.

Tomorrow Kami will be coming over, and I am gonna cook for us and try to make american pancakes too <3

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