Flowers and dates.

So this entry will be rather short. I am sick as sin right now and have to write on my assignment (so naturally I will blog a little).
Sadly I have not really done a lot of dress up, or even leaving my room. Cosplay work and writing on my damn assignment is to blame :C

In the start of May I went with Kami and Sabine to the Copenhagen Sakura festival. It was pretty cold, but we still had a good time 8D
I also made the lovely Nan join us! (even though she wrote on her blog Kami made her join, LIES)

And as always I wore my yukata. I really love wearing it and I wish I had more occasions I could use it for ;__;

Some time later, Kami and I decided to go out and celebrate our 11 months together, and we went to a huge shopping mall and just chilled around. I am the worst shopper ever atm because I am so used to saving up for Japan and stuff for that trip, so I rarely spend money anymore.
But we did go to the President and got burgers~

 And after that we went to the cinema to watch THE AVENGERS. Oh god that movie. I love it, 'nuff said.

 And the look for that day was aiming for something girly and romantic.

Next up will hopefully be a review of the Eyemazing no. 2 Lashes. I have prepped most pictures for it, now I only need to write it 8D;

4 kommentarer:

  1. WELL KAMI DID PERSUADE ME FIRST >_> I'm gonna claim this to be a joint operation.. You cunning little~ youuu!

  2. Avengers er bare så god, og årh den burger <3

  3. Damn, you look amazing c: Love the hair and yukata!

    Awwwh, burger - you make me hungry :C
    And you really looked cute for your date <3

  4. Nice pictures. :) Esp. the last one is really cute!