School festival!

Around the 1-4th of November we had a culture festival at Chuo University, as many other schools have too. This is to raise money for the different circles around the campus so they can finance their future activities, and also trying to recruit new members, and over all of cause to have fun. 
Some way of making money includes small booths with food and drinks, or some circles made some different events like a Ghost House.

The tap dancing group made an impressive stage show, I am SO glad I got to see it! (and the girl with the black hat was not harsh on the eyes I tell you)

Look of the second day of school festival. I got myself a lot of new lashes, I was so excited to use them!
- and how big a difference a smile make to my face lol

After festival dinner at Sukiya! It was SOOO good!! nomz

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  1. school festivals look like soo much fun :)

    Also it would be very nice if we could follow each other with GFC
    let me know, ok :)