Happy Akiba!

The day before Halloween Cheris, Zach, the Matts, Alex and myself decided to go to Akihabara and go to a maid cafe! Just to try it you know...

It was... quite different... It is not something I would do every single day that is for sure. But I am glad I went there and it was really funny with the company I went with. And the 'Kuma-tan' chocolate parfait I got was SOOOO good. Even though it was a little pricey, oh well, I got a special moe spell cast on it lol.

MacD had a "every size for 150 Yen". Oh dear lord. (And no, they are not ALL mine. Only one of them. And I ate half of Matt's too. But still, I only paid for one)

Halloween time! A while ago I got a "Love Ward" Rin Kagamine cosplay from Bodyline and I wanted to wear it for Halloween so badly! And my hair was just poo that day, IDK why.

Me and le lovely maido Cheris!

The other maid, even more sexual, Zach. We WERE supposed to go to another dorm which hosted a party, but in the end we gave up. There had sadly been a double person accident and it took a long time to get everything back on track, so we just went back to Tamadaira and had a little party there.

Tomo-sempai gave us some sushi pizza from his hometown, it was SOOOO good! Nomz~

Next up will be pictures form the school festival! And then I am pretty much up to speed with everything.

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