Before and After

So it has been a while since I updated.
I tired to make a new header today too, and just fiddle a little around with the design. More will come when I am not so tired XD

So I will just upload some pictures.

A while ago I wanted to do a "before and after" thing, and finally I got around to make one of before and after I do my make up! 8D

 And sorry for my bad skin here, it kinda went nuts these past couple of weeks. Think it is the spring.
It is strange to see the difference like this.. XD

 AAAAAND outfit from the same day. I have taken a liking to the brand DIA, and wanted something inspired from a Yumachi street snap I saw once ^^

And this is more recent, only a week ago or something like that. Inspiration from Yumachi in regards of the hair. Even though I think she is waaaay to skinny, I like her style and hair ^^;

So just a little something something from me. I am such a bad blogger, but not that much happens in my life.

Next post will have something (A LOT) about Batman though 8DD

And sorry for the photo edit shadow frames, blogger did not understand my idea so I will have to rethink that ^^; It looked so much better when I did it in PS, ffffffffffff

5 kommentarer:

  1. Woaaah so pretty girl *Q* Can I take you home? XD

  2. Hello gorgeous! You look amazing as always. I love your outfits - and I really like your new header. :3
    I will be looking forward to that Batman post >3

  3. Your hair = love !!

    and I adore your outfits :D

  4. Wow I love your outfits and your header! >w<

  5. I love before/after makeup shots ü Your mekup is so gorgeous!! And the way you do your hair..amaaazing *-*