Back to the books!


This week classes at Uni started again. I have had ALL of January off, so it actually felt really good coming back to the class, and seeing everybody again. You kinda miss people when you have not seen them for over a month.

This is what I wore for the first day back in school. Just casual not too dressy, but I just love this knit top I got in Berlin in the fall. Finally I was able to wear clear lenses for a whole day too! Lately my eyes have been really sensitive so I have only worn glasses for all of January (with an exception of one time where I had to go on a cosplay shoot and my eyes were killing me after 3 hours :C)
Hopefully I will be able to wear circle lenses soon again, for parties and other special events 8D

I between classes and Zumba (I am working hard to get in shape, you cannot really tell atm because I have to wrap myself in 4 layers of clothes to keep warm) I am taking care of the house and my mother.
Around three weeks ago she fell and broke her foot, leaving all of the house work + dog care to me, because my stepfather had to go to Quatar. It is not really the most easy thing to phase into your everyday life, but then again, it is just something that I have to do, nobody else can really do it, and I really do not mind it. I like cleaning and keeping the house.
But my stepfather felt so bad for leaving the household work of three people + 24/7 care for my mother and the dog all to me by myself for at least two weeks, so he and my mother decided to get me something.

 SO HE GOT ME AN IPAD! I am so excited about it that I even decorated the picture of the box, woo
He gave it to me in the middle of my breakfast and I almost cried, it was so sweet of him and I really cannot wait to use it for notes and stuff! (I just have to get a cute cover for it, fufufu)

 And another outfit from the past week. I found my loose socks and decided to use them, because they can keep my legs warm... Rest of the outfit so so boring, but hey, it was on the same day I met my new Japanese teacher, so I had to look just a little serious (even though 99% of the other students in the humanities department in the fancy part of campus (eg where the minor subjects do not go that often) almost glared their eyes out at me :C)

From Wednesday, you have to look proper to see your beautiful girlfriend right?

And this is pretty much it. I study, see my girlfriend and take care of the home, and having a damn good time doing so. I just wish for less snow because I hate shoving it around :C
I hope you guys live a little more interesting lives! 8D (so update your blogs so I can read about it plz)

2 kommentarer:

  1. YOU need to get in shape? -__-" are you fuckin' me? I look like a freaking TREE compared to you. /le sob

    YAY for iPads. Watch out for them apps. They're addicting D:
    GIMME YOUR DAWGS >: D I shall take care of them ok.

  2. Why, hello there gorgeous girl!
    That knit looks absolutely gorgeous on you *-*

    I hope your eyes stop hurting soon :c Sounds very hurtful!
    And it's good that your mom has you to help her! Such a great daughter ^-^

    I hope you make good use of your new tablet~