Okay, so trying to get into blogging again. So you will get all the boring small details of my life 8D

Last week my mother took me shopping for new winter boots, before the real cold kicked in. After looking around for half an hour we ended up in one store, where I spend another half an hour trying on different pairs. I am really picky when it comes to winter boots, because they must be warm as sin and NOT be all like "HI I AM A SENSIBLE WINTER BOOT". I also hate the ones with fur (fake or real) trim.
But the nice lady in the store ended up making me try on these babies, and I love them!

So from now on my feet will be nice and warm!!

Yesterday I took my girlfriend to the movies. After my birthday I invited her to see Sherlock Holmes 2, and I gave her another trip to the movies to see Real Steel as a Christmas gift (among other things, go to her blog to see them.) So I choose that we should see Sherlock Holmes because most of our friends had already seen it, and I did not want to get too many spoilers before we saw it.
After picking up the tickets we had about an hour to go, so we went to this American themed resturant and ate burgers 8D

This is a Nixon Burger I think. It was so delicious, and I actually finished the whole thing!  (It was a lot of food, I was really impressed with myself xD)
I also took a -really- flattering photo of Kami while she put ketchup in hers, but I will keep that to myself. (Btw, who got the idea NOT to put ketchup in the burgers??)

And this was the screen we saw the movie on. It was HUGE. I think it is one of the biggest screens I have seen a movie on...
Just before the movie started, as tradition states, there were a trailer for something else. I thought it might be like... IDK some movie that came one of these months. I hoped for a Batman trailer, but hey, it is not out until summer so that would be a long shot. OR NOT! Seriously, that was the first time I saw a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and everything was just perfect! My heart skipped a beat when I saw Bane... I just... PERFECT!

And Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows was good! It had just the right amount of action, humor and slow motion! And RDJ is just so sexy, no matter what he wears! nom nom nom...

After we watched the movie, very pleased yes. (And tired, I had to get up at 7 to walk the dog (yes we have a dog now, I will update with her later.))

AND I wore the earrings I got from Kami for my birthday~ I really like them a lot!

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  1. Sounds like a very nice date - burger looks sooo yummy!~
    And you two look SOO cute together ;w;

    I like.. followed back.. .to like.. re-do the favor.. and not to like.. keep an eye on what.. you like... do and stuff..... >: D
    JEG VIL OGSÅ HAVE BURGER! nomnomnomnom