Yeah, I know it have been AGES since I last blogged. University has just been stressful, and when I did not work on a assignment, I spend time sowing or just relaxing with my girlfriend.

But now I will give you guys a little update!

Some six weeks ago three new things happened! I got two pairs of new glasses, I got my first pair of pircings in my ears and Kami helped me colouring my hair darker!

I really like this new colour, so I think I will stick to that a while.

Christmas eve (time jump much, but seriously; I have NOT been doing anything interesting these last couple of months besides hanging out with Kami) I decided to dress up in Classic Lolita. Yes! Once I was a lolita, but.. I feels kinda wired on me now. I am considering getting rid of all of my dresses. I do not use them as much as I should, oh well...

And I wore the pearls I got from my Mother and Stepfather on my Birthday 8D

Some of the presents I got on Christmas eve. I got a couple more the following days and I still got some left. But already these would have been enough! I mean, Batman and a pink DS?

New years eve I went to Kami's place, since her and the rest of the Moustache Crib was hosting a New Years party. It was fun times as always!

Got myself a bow tie and bunny ears the day before. Also, I need to colour my ekstentions asap, or just get new ones... XD;

I hope to keep my blog more active! Since I reached a 100 followers! I DUN EVEN YOU GUYS!!
Also, anybody have any New Years resolutions they care to share? 8D

3 kommentarer:

  1. Education and love is more important than blogging c:

    The "new" hair color + glasses makes you look like a totally new girl! So pretty~

    And if you feel weird in lolita you should diffidently sell your stuff! Why wear clothes you don't feel comfortable in? :c I think you look cute in it, though~

    You make a very fine bunny 8D And you two guys look SOO cute together QwQ

  2. Yay blog some moooaaarr~! ^^

    You look so pretteh as always =w=